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Gumley House School FCJ

Support & Opportunities

The staff that will be supporting you in addition to tutors are the:

  • Director of Sixth Form

  • Deputy Head of Sixth Form

  • Curriculum Enhancement & Marketing Director

  • Careers’ Officer

  • Sixth Form Study Supervisor

  • Librarian

  • School Chaplain

Careers Education and Guidance will help you to prepare for Higher Education and the workplace.

Our Head of Careers creates a programme to help you with your post school choices, the majority of which is supported by external contributors to help you disseminate the information.

The Careers Department supports the Director of Sixth Form and the Sixth Form team to ensure that each student is supported in making the right choice as they leave Gumley - whether the next step is university, at home or abroad, an apprenticeship or employment. The post 18 sector is changing and developing rapidly and the Careers programme is designed to provide  up to date information, advice and guidance to students throughout their time in sixth form so that they can make an informed and appropriate decision on their future.

The careers programme develops and adapts to the meet the requirements of our students and to reflect the changing opportunities.  Key components are:

  • Next Steps Evening:  held in Year 12 the evening looks at the range of post 18 options. The 2017 Next Steps evening had speakers from the universities of Brunel & West London and this year had a particular focus on the growth of degree apprenticeships.

  • Apprenticeships -  the School has an Apprenticeship Ambassador to explain the option of apprenticeships and how to apply.  

  • Employer Contact: Via Careers Fairs, visits to employers and talks and webinars in school – a recent example was a webinar with Jaguar Land Rover and a number of 6th form students recently visited Bank of America Merrill Lynch.   

  • Finance- all aspects of finance and budgeting are covered and discussed – with a particular focus on student finance.  

  • University Application:  The majority of Gumley students go to university and the main focus of support is with university applications.  The programme includes:

  • External speakers- for example talks on Why go to university and Personal Statements

  • Information and encouragement to apply for taster days and Summer Schools - to develop knowledge of subject and university before applying.

  • Arranged visits to HE Fairs to speak to universities and gather information.

  • A dedicated HE day with contributions from universities on how to make the most successful application.

  • University Application support:  in house support on a 1:1 basis on all aspects of the application process – and after offers have been received!

  • Student Finance & Accommodation: Support and help available on applying for student finance and student accommodation. In 2017 Year 12 students had the opportunity to play the Game of Student Life – a board game similar to Monopoly - a practical way of learning how to manage personal finances.

Employability Skills and Competencies through learning with industry:

Our many industry partnerships will further develop your skills and competencies so you are more prepared for the global world. These create continuous opportunities that you can participate in from various external programmes with global organisations and professionals to in-school talks from high profile companies.  Some examples from just this year include:

  • GSK Malaria Conference

  • Southbank Women and Men of the World Conferences with direct career mentoring

  • McKinsey Leadership Academy

  • Class Careers is an organisation that provides on line career discussions with employees in companies that have included AXA, Harrods, Schroder’s & Virgin.

  • Young Reporter of the Year scheme to hone your journalistic skills

  • Global Young Leaders Conference Washington & New York: We offer 3 part funded bursaries each year

  • Careers day each January

  • NASA Mission Discovery – Places offered each year pre entering sixth form

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Read what Ofsted has to say:

  • “The school promotes students’ personal development exceptionally well.” Ofsted

  • “The challenging teaching and excellent attitude and behaviour of sixth form leads to excellent progress on A level courses.” Ofsted

  • “The teachers’ subject knowledge is key to students success” which results in “outstanding progress and high attainment” Ofsted

  • “The sixth form is very well led and managed” Ofsted

Read what our students have to say

International Community Projects: Every 2 years you can apply for this amazing 2 week experience that will provide you with further growth and skills. You will be travelling to other territories helping with community tasks as well as having time to explore the country.  Kenya, India & Montserrat have all been on the global map so far.