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Gumley House School FCJ

School Uniform

It is important that students are encouraged to maintain the highest possible standards regarding their presentation.  The smart wearing of the school uniform is one way of projecting that image.  The wearing of the proper school uniform is an obligation incurred by selecting Gumley House School and a privilege conferred by your acceptance into Gumley House School community.

There are four suppliers of uniform to the school.  To ensure uniformity in material quality and colour, it is expected that all purchases of uniform will be made from one or other of these shops.

Some parents may be eligible for a uniform grant.  Enquiries should be made to the Education Office of your home Local Authority.  Grants are available on entry to the school and at the end of the year 9.  The Parents' Association runs a second-hand uniform shop.  Please telephone the school office for details of time and place.

Basic Uniform (Years 7-11)

  • Dark brown skirt, double kick pleat  -  worn mid-knee and not rolled up.
    In most cases this will mean you will need to buy a 22-24” length skirt.
    Taller students will require 24-26” length skirts.
  • Cream long sleeve  winter blouse  - worn with the top button done-up and tie
  • Cream short sleeve, open neck summer blouse
  • Brown jumper with trim
  • Tie (house colour): worn with a smart knot
  • Blazer is now compulsory for all Year 7, 8, 9 & 10 students and must be worn at all times: brown with blue and gold stripes with the school badge
  • Plain black or brown leather low-heeled shoes (not above 3.5 cm)
    trainers, canvas shoes, mules, pumps, boots or any ankle shoes are not allowed.
  • Plain brown or natural coloured  tights
  • Plain brown, beige or white knee or ankle socks
  • ID badge and lanyard - worn at all times in school
  • A sensible school bag large enough to hold A4 books and folders


Outdoor wear

  • Dark brown school fleece. A brown cagoule can be worn over the fleece in rainy weather.
  • A smart, dark brown winter coat (optional).  The winter coat will need to be full or three quarter length, at least long enough to cover the school blazer, made of plain cloth or padded and  without a logo. Coats made of leather, suede, or denim are NOT permitted, nor are jackets.  Further details are available in our “Uniform and Appearance
  • 2018-19” booklet.
  • School scarf or plain brown or cream of the same size as the school scarf may be worn during winter months.  No other scarves should be worn.
  • Hats and gloves may be worn during the winter months and should be brown or cream.  No other head covering is allowed.

PE Clothing

  • Gumley logo t-shirt shirt                                                 
  • Gumley logo sweat shirt
  • Long white sports socks (e.g. football or hockey socks).
  • Predominantly white trainers with non-marking soles.  Plimsolls/canvas shoes are not permitted.
  • Black shorts
  • Large draw-string bag for PE kit
  • Black tracksuit bottoms or black sports leggings (black fashion leggings are not permitted)
  • Shin pads are required for football and hockey and a gum shield for hockey.
  • Optional: long sleeved white cotton T-shirt to be worn under the logo polo shirt.

All uniform needs to be marked with your child’s name


  • No jewellery is allowed except a wrist watch (not ornate) and small, ball-shaped, plain gold, silver or pearl ball studs (no diamante). Only one earring in each lower earlobe is permitted. No other visible piercings will be accepted including those covered up by plaster or retainers.  Your daughter will be asked to remove any jewellery that is not accepted as part of the uniform code. The item may be confiscated and not returned.
  • Make up, including mascara and eyeliner, and henna must not be worn – your daughter will be asked to remove it and donate 50p to Charity. 
  • Henna is not permitted.
  • Coloured nail varnish should not be worn – your daughter will be asked to remove it and donate 50p to Charity
  • For health and safety reasons false/acrylic/long nails are not allowed. Nails should be kept short
  • Hairstyles should be conventional. Fad hairstyles, symbols, or marks shaved into the hair or eyebrows is prohibited.
  • Excessive and unnatural blended hair colours eg. purple, pink, white or ombre are not permitted.
  • Hair below shoulder length needs to be tied back in the laboratory and/or practical activities.
  • Hair bands and clips should be plain: brown or black.
  • There should be no other adornments, for example bows or  flowers. Head scarves should not be worn.

The Headteacher will decide at her discretion on all matters concerning interpretation of the student dress code, including matters not specifically covered in the student dress code.

Infringement of the Uniform Code will result in after school 

  • 1st time 20 minute detention
  • 2nd time 40 minute detention
  • 3rd time 80 minute detention

In addition, if your daughter comes to school wearing incorrect items of uniform, having inappropriate hair colour or style or with additional piercings to what is permitted, she will not be allowed into her lessons until the infringement of the school uniform is corrected.  She will be allowed to work in a room away from other students or you may be asked to collect your daughter from school so that she may change.

Summer/Winter differences

Summer blouses are worn in the summer term by all students.  Yr. 11 have the choice to continue wearing their winter shirt and tie. In the Autumn Term, summer uniform is optional until the half- term after which full winter uniform must be worn by all students.

Identification Badges

Gumley House is a large school and as part of ensuring the safety of all, it is necessary for girls to wear an ID badge which will be given to them at the beginning of Year 7 and refreshed in Year 10.  It is essential that the ID badge and lanyard is worn and visible at all times while in school.  The ID badge is also a multipurpose card which will allow students to access functions such as photocopying, printing and cashless catering (as appropriate).

Download the School Uniform booklet below to see examples of the uniform.