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Gumley House School FCJ

  • Skiing in Austria

    On a February half term, a very excited coach of 39 students and 5 staff set off to Austria for a memorable week skiing.

    It was a jam-packed excursion, with little time to rest, but nevertheless it was an amazing time! All beginners made it off the nursery slopes, skiing very well down the more difficult slopes while the more advanced groups tested themselves on a range of slopes, improving and perfecting their skills they had previously acquired. 

    Ski Awards For All! The students had an admirable work rate and showed great persistence throughout the course of the week. The effort they had shown was recognised at the end of the week when everyone received their ski awards. It was a fantastic week that will be remembered for a long time!

  • Music Trip to Belgium June 2017 - Students perform in Brussels Cathedral & other key venues

    The Music Department takes its ensembles to Belgium for a five day trip in June 2017. Our First Concert will be in the pretty town of La Roche en Ardennes, with its beautiful castle. We will then be performing in Brussels Cathedral with the final concert in Klooster Wittem, near Valkenburg.

    The students range from Year 7 to Year 11 and the concerts will include songs from this year’s performances by Gumley Glee, Chamber Choir and the Gospel Choir. There are a few instrumentalists on the trip too and they will be playing arrangements of pieces that have featured in our concerts this year.

    Our base will be a Youth Hostel in Liege and from there we will be visiting local attractions and we also have plans to visit the Planete Chocolat, in Brussels. It will be an exciting trip and an amazing experience for our Gumley students!

  • China Summer 2017 Report by student Krystina Hynda's report from last year

    "During the days in Beijing, each and every one of us marveled at the lavish food, culture and sights of this amazing city. Our 10 days in Harbin were an educational and really fun way of discovering China’s traditions - the museum visits gave us huge amounts of historical information and the opportunities to directly speak with Chinese university teachers were both exciting and at times challenging. I loved it!”

    Overall, no amount of pictures or descriptions can truly emphasise how fantastic this opportunity is - China and its people have been extremely welcoming. We definitely recommend this trip to everyone!"


    Read more on our Mandarin learning programme.

    Mandarin Learning in Primary Schools | Mandarin Excellence Programme


  • Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

    Harbin is another territority that students visit as part of our annual China trip.

    Please look in Beijing on our Global map to read more.


  • Business Studies & Economics Conference, Paris

    Each year, the Business Studies, Economics & Politics Sixth Form students take part in a very topical and informative conference on  ‘Your Future in Europe’ in addition to enjoying the cultural offerings.

    Sxith Former, Roisin says:It was very beneficial as a politics student, to hear the contrasting opinions on this popular topic from esteemed politicians, economists and civil rights campaigners; allowing me to form my own opinion on the matter.

    We also enjoyed visiting the Louvre, the Eiffel tower and the Sacré Coeur which were brilliant“.

    Next trip is in February 2018



  • Lille Christmas Market – Year 7

    “At 4:30am on a cold frosty December morning 50+ Year 7 students gathered outside Gumley School, ready for Lille in France. Inside the coach, you could see the excitement building as we talked about what we hoped to see and do. As soon as we arrived we were just eager to get out and explore.

    Our task was to go into the market in small groups and use our French skills to buy items from the many stalls.A surprise treat from staff included the Ferris wheel and a café lunch.

    It was the best trip I have ever been on. Everyone enjoyed it as we practised the French we have been learning and we were with our friends".

    Soon we were back on the Eurostar and time seemed to fly”.

  • Lourdes, France

    Every summer a large group of our students head to Lourdes on the Westminster diocesan pilgrimage.

    Members of the local community that will be cared for by Gumley students include those from the Parishes of Osterley & Hanwell, as well as from the rest of London.

    For the past 9 summers our sixth form students have volunteered to be helpers on the Westminster diocesan Lourdes pilgrimage. 

    In early July preceding the Lourdes Pilgrimage, there is an opportunity to come together with a special Sixth Form Commissioning Mass attended by parents, staff, 6th form students and the wider school community.

  • The Somme, France

  • Rockley Watersports, France

    Every 2 years 40+ Year 8 & 9 students travel to the south of France to improve their water sports skills & have lots of fun too!

    They experience a huge range of activities that include:

    • Kayaking
    • Windsurfing
    • Pico-sailing
    • Darting
    • Water skiing
    • Raft building
    • As well as Cycling & High ropes course
  • Art and Photography Tour Berlin - Art and Photography students took off for a weekend in Berlin.

    Some of the highlights:

    Our first walk was to the Reichstag dome, a large glass dome with a 360 degree view of the surrounding Berlin cityscape.

    Day 2:   A historical walking tour taking in the history of the war years and of the building of the Berlin wall with Tatjana Wachau and a visit to the Jewish Museum Berlin, one of the largest Jewish Museums in Europe.

    Then onto the Hamburger Bannhof. In the mid-1980s Berlin entrepreneur Erich Marx offered his private collection of contemporary art to the city. Day 2 ended with a meal at the 60’s diner and a walk back to the hotel.

    Day 3 - An Art tour.  This took us to the Jewish Quarter of Berlin, the Alte Nationalgalerie completed in 1876 followed by our first tram journey to the Kathe Kollwitz Museum where the girls had a chance to relax and do some sketching.  From here on to the C/O Gallery which presents a lively cultural program of international stature.

    Day 4 – Final day.  The TV tower, intended as a symbol of Berlin, as it is easily visible throughout the central and some suburban districts of the city.

    After this amazing visit where the students were able to point out many of the places we had been to and even see our Hotel, we had some free time for shopping and lunch.


    In the words of the students:

    • Berlin exceeded all my expectations. I constantly felt inspired by the evident artistic streak throughout the city.” Abigail Mc Dermott
    • My most memorable experience out of the entire trip is the Holocaust Tower in the Jewish Museum. And the way architect Daniel Libeskind used the lack of light and high space made you feel insignificant” Ruby Birch
    • The artwork which impacted upon me the most was the self-portrait sketch by Käthe Kollwitz ‘Selbstbildnis’, 1921 and the exhibition by Gottfried Lindauer, I found the tribal portraits amazing and I loved the stories behind each one of the people.” Carolina Atkinson
    • I found the street art very inspiring particularly the street art at the East Side Gallery; this gallery was in fact graffiti covering the Berlin Wall.” Emily Watson
    • The Alte Nationalgalerie and the art work of Caspar David Friedrich was exquisite. The landscape and scenery was extremely detailed and it made me feel like I was transported there.”  Jessika Udunuwara
    • The Reichstag because building and the views were amazing and the glass dome designed by Norman Foster was remarkable.Isabel Tapia
  • Iceland Geography GCSE 2017 Report by Charlotte Evans

    “During February half term, 33 GCSE geography students explored Iceland.

    We visited many geographical sites of interest and learnt loads while we were there.

    Two of the most remarkable destinations included the Blue Lagoon and the geyser area. The Blue Lagoon is a naturally heated geothermal spa with water temperatures ranging from 37-75˚C.

    It was an amazing experience to swim outside, even in the cold Icelandic conditions. It was also fascinating to see huge plumes of water vapour sent up into the air at the geyser area; however it was slightly smelly due to the sulphur produced.

    Overall, the trip was an amazing experience and we all felt extremely lucky to visit such an interesting country!” 

  • Leh, Himachal Pradesh, India

    As part of our bi-annual sixth form international community and conservation projects, India has also been a past destination that has featured many times over the years.

    Students worked in a rural community helping to construct a school and as normal, also integrated further by supporting the teachers in the school with some lessons and play activities.

    • • Citizenship
    • Initiative through fundraising
    • Team work & problem solving
    • Exchange of ideas
    • Personal development

    Students work hard throughout the preceding year to fund raise the cost of their travel, this is an integral part of their commitment for these community projects.

    Their initiatives range from bag packing in local supermarkets at the weekend to attending local fairs where they sell home made products.

  • Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India

    As part of our bi-annual sixth form international community and conservation projects, India has also been a past destination that has featured many times over the years.

    Students worked in a rural community helping to build a classroom, support the teachers in the school in some of the lessons taking part in a sharing different aspects of the respective cultures. . Our students were the recipients of generous India hospitality, invited to attend many local community events including playing in a cricket match!

    The remaining part of the trip focussed on exploring the region further this included:

    • Viewing some of the historic temples
    • Staying in a tiger reserve
    • Trekking through tea plantations
    • Visiting Cape Cormorin (the most Southern tip of India where the 3 oceans meet)
  • Italy Exchange

    We have a very exciting opportunity for your daughter in the spring 2018 term that will further support her Italian studies.

    During the last 2 years many Year 9 Gumley students have hosted Italian students from “Pian del Bruscolo” school in Tavullia, Italy for one week. 

    This experience has benefited our students in developing their Italian language, social and intercultural skills.

    Parent letters have recently been sent out please contact our languages department or the general school number for more information.

    Parent meeting in June for you to find out more.

    About the school:

    Pian Del Bruscolo School is located in Tavullia, in Le Marche Region of central Italy which has a long and fascinating history. We have secured a strong partnership as our respective schools share many values specifically in developing global learning through in county experiences.

    This is a mixed local school with a very welcoming atmosphere. Teaching staff, students and parents are very committed to supporting and developing Gumley students’ language and cultural learning by hosting your daughter in their school and families. Their curriculum covers a range of subjects.

    About the region and itinerary overview:

    • The region which is in the heart of Italy, bordered by Emilia-Romagna, the Republic of San Marino to the north and Tuscany to the north-west.
    • It is only one hour from the city of Bologna, an important cultural, artistic and historic centre where students will spend one day. 
    • It is ideally located for other key historic and cultural towns such as Pesaro along the Adriatic coast and Urbino a renowned university city; these key locations will all be part of the trip itinerary including the wonderful local beach in Pesaro.

    Our students always enjoy getting to know their own student partner with many of these relationships leading to lifelong friendships. 

    Also, this is an excellent opportunity for our students who have chosen to study Italian GCSE to practise listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

    A very successful exchange, proven by our students’ positive feedback:

     “..I made friends with my exchange, I learnt new words in Italian and I taught my exchange Polish too and she enjoyed it!”

    And from our Italian students’ feedback“…“…what I liked the most was the contact I had with my English family. Knowing another culture has been an amazing experience. It’s been exciting to have an entire week with the family.”

    We are looking forward to our partnership continuing next year!

  • Project Kenya Sixth Form Bi-annaul Global Citizenship Project

    Focus: Community Construction & Expedition

    •  Citizenship
    • Initiative through fundraising
    • Team work & problem solving
    • Exchange of ideas
    • Personal development

    Students work hard throughout the preceding year to fund raise the cost of their travel, this is an integral part of their commitment for these community projects.

    Their initiatives range from bag packing in local supermarkets at the weekend to attending local fairs where they sell home made products.

    Most of the fundraising is conducted outside of the school as the aim is not to impact on monies seeking to be raised for local causes through the regularly scheduled charity days organised by the school.

  • Montserrat Conservation Project July 2017

    Diving Success Congratulations to: Serena, Mila, Lucy, Sophia, Anna and Stella.

    All have now officially qualified as divers and will be leading the scuba team in Montserrat! They completed their PADI open water in partnership with The London School of Diving in Chiswick. With the support of Tesco in Twickenham offering bag packing sessions the students were able to make a difference in their fundraising targets. An additional 6 students will be qualifying in the summer term.

  • Badajoz, Spain Another Fantastic Exchange!

    A superb experience with our partner school IES Zurbarán in Badajoz.  Within a 6 week period students from Spain spend time in Gumley welcomed by our families and this wonderful hosptiality is reciprocated by the Spanish families for our Gumley girls . 

    The impact iof this experience is visible very quickly in terms of:  linguistic skills, cultural awareness and personal social development. Read what this year's students have to say...

    • "My first time abroad has been absolutely amazing and I couldn't have wished for a better experience. Our exchange students and families were so lovely to all of us" Amy
    • "I loved it all, it is something I will remember forever" Grace
    • "I've made lifelong friends and the food was fabulous (too much!) but we worked it off through laughter and the amount of sightseeing we did" Emily
    • "I liked spending the weekend together with our exchange families" Jessie

    2 days are spent in the secondary school learning how English is taught.Students visit Badajoz and the regions of Extremadura and Andalucia where they discover more about the culture of Lent, Carnivals (Badajoz hosts the 3rd biggest carnival in the world). Excursions change slightly each year but have included: the Roman ruins of Merida, a day in Sevilla and some students last year also had the opportunity to visit Portugal with their host families. 

    Our next Spanish exchange will be in 2019.

  • Madrid, Spain

  • Geneva, Switzerland

  • Inspiring Leadership with Global Young Leaders Conference New York & Washington

    Each year our school offers 3 part funded bursaries to sixth form students keen to develop their leadership skills in the context of world issues.

    Students that apply are interviewed by an internal panel and have to address an issue relating to the UN.

    Read our students’ views:

    Jacqui Harrington “As both an economics and politics student, the conference proved to be more even more engaging as it was focussed around world economics, with talks from the World Bank and other such organisations, and International politics, in terms of Human Rights and International diplomacy through Mock United nation simulations.”

    Roisin Culligan-Hughes “The Global Young Leader’s Conference has undoubtedly been one of the most exciting, enjoyable and fulfilling experiences I have had. We were divided into sub-groups with members of other countries to discuss certain world issues (mine was trade and globalisation) and represent our country group’s interests regarding this issue. I didn’t know much about trade and globalisation prior to the conference, but I learnt so much just from listening to other people’s perspectives on it.”

    Phoebe Clayson-Lavelle “I would definitely recommend people to go on the trip as it is a very unique experience and an amazing opportunity to make friends from all over the world”.

    Claudia Rodgrigues-Campo My experience on GYLC pushed me to develop my social skills as well as challenging intellectual debates specifically in developing  my understanding on how politics works globally. As a China representative during my trip, I learned a lot about its past and future; politically, economically and socially.”

    Charlotte Gallagher Squires: “There were a number of inspirational talks which included Kurshida Begum’s experience as a human trafficking survivor and Dave Butler on his journey from teaching, to setting up and running the Safe Haven Project. His encouragement not to limit ourselves in terms of our goals is something that I am now applying to my own life.” 

  • Washington DC, United States

  • Australia

    One of our FCJ schools in Australia, Genazzano FCJ join us in sport competitions as part of their bi-annual tours.