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Sustainability & Fast Fashion

We can all make a difference.

Students hear from M&S on environmental action

Student, Anna Mummery, is active in leading environmental change, she also works with Gumley’s Eco Club students.  She chose ‘The environmental impacts of fast fashion’ as her EPQ topic (Extended Project Qualification). Anna achieved an interview with Marks & Spencer’s Alexandra Florea, as well as organising a series of student talks to spread the learning. She brilliantly project managed all the assemblies and discussions and also created student evaluations to measure knowledge & impact. Read her article below:

Report by student Anna Mummery:

“Everyone buys clothes but do we really know exactly how they are made or what happens to them once they are disposed of?

Marks & Spencer’s Alexandra Florea, Sustainability Delivery Manager Plan A, discussed the retailer’s strategies in managing sustainability in their clothing products as well as some of the action the company has taken, such as creating ‘shwop boxes’ in their stores, where items are then resold, reused or recycled with a direct link to a charitable organisation.

Speaking to over 400 students in years 7-6th form, across a range of sessions, Alexandra spoke about the impact that the production and disposal of clothing has on the environment.

Many students were surprised by these facts and as a result they substantially increased their knowledge of the global effect of fast fashion. With a clear understanding of the difference each of us can make, students stated how they will now actively investigate labels pre making a purchase to identify if the item is made of sustainable materials. Additionally, students made the commitment to recycle more clothes to reduce the amount that ends up in landfills.                              

Alexandra also met with our Eco Club student members to further explore what can be done to reduce this fashion environmental impact. By collaborating ideas, the eco-club will now launch a thrift store at the school’s summer fayre on 30th June, where Gumley students can donate and purchase clothes so that garments don’t end up in landfills.                                   

Student Eva Morley, echoed many other students’ opinions, when she stated: "it was very insightful and engaging, I learnt a lot and will use the tips in the future".

Alexandra Florea said:  "I really enjoyed the experience, especially the eco-club discussion. Such a pleasure to meet really passionate people who are looking to make a difference!"

We would like to thank Alexandra for a really inspiring set of talks and for giving so much of her time to Gumley’s students”.