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Gumley House School FCJ

Mandarin Excellence Programme

Students explore Chinese history and culture in the city of Oxford.

This excursion, an integral part of the MEP, involved thirty of our Year 7 students together with students from four other MEP schools in Bath, Cheltenham and Didcot.

The full packed itinerary included:

  • The Ashmolean Museum: Home to some of the finest collections of Chinese art in Europe.
  • Dance workshop: Students learned about traditional, folk and modern Chinese dance and had the opportunity to practise some of the routines too.
  • Insight into China’s diverse cuisine: Lunch at a popular Sichuan restaurant and a special shopping trip in an Asian supermarket investigating different foods plus students sampled some wonderful bubble tea in a cafe!

Bringing these five MEP schools together also enabled students to communicate and share experiences with their peers. 

Read what our students had to say:

  • Jessica Kearney: “I liked this experience in Oxford because I learnt about ancient China and the dancing.”
  • Priya Narhlya-Martin: “I really enjoyed the trip. I learnt about different types of Chinese dances and the Chinese restaurant was great and delicious. I made some new friends from different schools.”
  • Anna Perera-Merry: “Today was great fun. We were able to learn more about Chinese culture and history. I loved it!” 
  • Elaha Moosa: “Today was an eye-opening experience on Chinese culture! I liked the Chinese food and history.”