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Gumley House School FCJ

‘My Climate, or is it?’

Sixth Form Conference Debate.

Climate change was our chosen topic.

Working in partnership with TEAMGlobal

Over 200 students from 4 schools came together to hear from and engage with an amazing range of speakers who were representing differing perspectives on this key issue.

Our Speaker Panel - We were delighted to welcome:

Dr Paul D Williams,
Professor of Atmospheric Science in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading, UK.
Conference topic: ‘Climate Science from a Climate Scientist’

Harry Wilkinson, a researcher for The Global Warming Policy Forum and for former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Lawson of Blaby.
Conference topic: Climate Change: Science Vs Policy

Amy Macfarlane, Greenpeace Speaker. She has travelled to the Arctic on multiple occasions to conduct sea-ice and Glaciology research investigating the effects of global warming.
Conference topic: 'Defending the Natural World'

Kevin Lawler is a schools’ volunteer for CAFOD.  He presents assemblies and runs workshops across the Greater London region for students in both the primary and secondary sectors.
Conference topic: ‘'Who pays the Greatest Price?'


We would like to thank TEAMGlobal, an education charity that has been an instrumental Gumley partner since the launch of our conferences in 2013.
Special thanks to:
John Wilson, Laurence Smy, Kevin McSharry, Antony Frost & Tom Sherlock.

What our students had to say:

“I will become more aware of the consequences of my actions in regards to the environment”

“I will be more aware of the choices I make to benefit not only the UK but also a global perspective”

“I will also consider social vs. environmental costs regarding certain policies before going for or against them”

“I am more aware of issues surrounding climate change and will use my ability to start the ‘ripple effect”

And from our contributors:

“It was a pleasure to meet so many talented young people. It is crucial that scientists engage directly with young people on climate change. Opinion surveys have shown that celebrities and governments are not trusted to provide reliable information. People want to hear about climate change straight from the horse's mouth”. Dr Paul Williams

 “The guest speakers gave the students a broad and balanced perspective of the various points of view surrounding this issue. The students were fully engaged throughout and offered excellent contributions in both their questioning and the responses given, showing a mature perception of the dilemmas we are faced with. I look forward to participating in future events!” Kevin Lawler, CAFOD.

Thank you to The Economist

Very kindly, once again this year, Gumley was provided with a significant number of copies of its publication for our students.

This edition could not have been more relevant for our conference topic, as the Leader Comment was ‘Climate Change, The Temperature Rises’ with a further ‘Global Warming’ article within its Science and Technology section.