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Gumley House School FCJ

Black History Celebration

A wonderful and specially created poem by one of our students.

Mya Coco-Bassey

A woman of colour

We are not a glance.
Not a circle and a triangle
With stick legs and arms.
We are not a colour or a word
or our circumstance.
We are not something simple
We are not a single
Definition devised in syllables.

We refuse to be little.

Set aside all expectations
Because our past excellence
Has already exceeded them;

The glass ceiling shattered
But fell on top of the evidence.
History hidden
In shards of tradition-

We are sweeping,
With each step
We are clearing,
And though it can cause
And reality can be
And the world is still
With inequality-

I can stand and be
A powerful
Woman of colour,
And I can say so

I am not a glance
I am the incarnation
Of generations
Who fought to be large.