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Gumley House School FCJ

Gumley Student in NASA Winning Team

Their winning experiment will now be conducted in space.

Experiment Topic is: Planarian Flatworm Regeneration in Microgravity.

Many congratulations for her place in the winning team of the NASA Mission Discovery programme at King’s College London.


"I really enjoyed the week I spent working with King's college and ISSET designing experiments that would potentially be launched into space!

I was able to meet many amazing young people with similar interests to mine, whilst exploring a topic that was extremely important and interesting, but not often talked about in the classroom-space!

We were privileged to meet and talk to the astronaut Michael Foale.

We spent a week, with the help of the staff of both NASA and King's college, designing our experiments, and spent the last day pitching them to a few professionals from within the field.

Amazingly, the team that I was in won, and so we now have the great honour of seeing our work carried out in space. I am very excited for this to happen and extremely grateful for the amazing opportunity I was given by Gumley."