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Gumley House School FCJ

TEAM Members' Day at the Spanish Embassy and House of Lords

Politics and History Sixth Form Students for the 5th year participated in this key event.

This year the agenda included:

  • The Spanish Embassy, Mr. Jose M. Fernandez Lopez, Deputy Head of Mission
  • The Supreme Court: Which hears appeals on arguable points of law for the whole of the UK in civil cases and for England, Wales & Northern Ireland in criminal cases.
  • House of Lords: As guests of The Right Honourable The Baron Teverson of Tregony followed by tea at the Cholmondeley Room. (In the last 2 years our students have heard from Lord Kinnock and Baroness Featherstone).
  • Tour of Parliament: and a visit to the public galleries where the debate that evening was on knife crime.

TEAM (The European Atlantic Movement) is an educational charity that has created this event.

Its aim is: To promote active global citizenship, an understanding and discussion of world affairs and to empower young people to aspire to leadership roles within their communities.

                      Their main activities include: Creating school & university global conferences plus study tours for undergraduates, school and university teachers that include the UN in Geneva, the EU and institutions of Europe in Brussels.

Student Charlotte Evans’ review: The Spanish Embassy and the House of Lords were extremely rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable. We learnt loads about the relationship between Spain and the UK and what effects Brexit could have on it. The talk from The Right Honourable The Baron Teverson was very interesting and the tour of the Houses of Parliament taught me a lot about the history of parliament and how it works today. I thoroughly enjoyed the day! 

and Student Rachel Hatherley says “The session at the Embassy gave me an interesting insight into Spain and the UK’s political relationship and how that will change post-Brexit. We then enjoyed touring the Supreme Court followed by the Houses of Parliament and the Public Gallery debate. One of the highlights of the day was undoubtedly having tea at the House of Lords overlooking the Thames!