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Gumley House School FCJ

Another Year of Increased GCSE Results

Congratulations to all of our students

Headteacher Caroline Braggs says:

“Our upward results trend continues.  It has been a very positive year with substantial grade increases particularly within the top levels of 9, 8 and 7. It’s been wonderful to share in our students’ much deserved celebrations today as once again, they have worked with extraordinary focus and determination”.

Highlights of just some of our students’ achievements include:
Amelia Sturt, Seven Grade 9s, two Grade 8s and one Grade 7 along with 3 A* grades
Tabitha Bower, Five 9s, Four 8s, Two 7s, One A* & One A
Melania Dimitrov, Five 9s, Four 8s, Two A*s & One A
Eleanor Rashid, Five 9s, Four 8s, One 7 & One A
Weronika Rochalska, Three 9s, Five 8s & Two 7s
Rachel Binstead, Three 9s, Three 8s & Four 7s
Ellen Connolly, Two 9s, Six 8s, One 7 & Two A*s
Anna Mummery, Two 9s, Five 8s & Three 7s

A special commendation to: Julia Pawleta who joined us in Year 9 when she came to the UK. She had to learn a new language and in just a few short years she has now accomplished very impressive GCSEs resulting in: Two 8s, Six 7s, One 6, One 5 & One A.

We look forward to welcoming our students into Sixth Form.

Please note: The national roll out of the new GCSE grading is over a 3 year period and whilst it now accounts for most subjects a few are still assessed on the previous grading system.