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Gumley House School FCJ

Lord Dubs discusses Refugee Crisis with our students

Lord Dubs, Carlo Nero and Ishmael Hamoud were our three contributors to this debate.

On Friday 22nd June, our year 10 students together with some of our sixth form students and staff had the privilege of meeting Lord Dubs, a prevalent advocate for supporting refugees.

Alf Dubs’ commitment and tireless work throughout his life in helping refugee children, has made a significant difference to many lives. Himself a refugee, Lord Dubs escaped the Holocaust and was evacuated as a very young child from Czechoslovakia on Nicholas Winton’s Kindertransport.

He created ‘The Dubs Amendment’ to provide refugees with the chance to start a new life in the UK which has resulted in numerous children now facing a more secure and safe future.

One of the young people helped by the Dubs Amendment is Ishmael Hamoud, who fled Syria and a great part of his time was spent in the Calais refugee camp known as the ‘Jungle’, which was used as a temporary home for thousands of people.  He spoke to our students about his own experiences and we were honoured to hear his story. Ishmael’s extraordinary determination was very evident, especially for one so young having faced such difficulties.

Carlo Nero, Screen writer and Producer, began this event with specially selected clips of ‘Sea Sorrow’, a film he produced that was launched at Cannes in 2017. This documentary addresses the current global refugee crisis through the eyes and voices of campaigners and children. It also provides an insight of the historical context for the current migrant crisis.

Hearing these accounts, stimulated our students’ thinking and analysis of these issues and allowed them to develop a more in-depth and fully rounded opinion.

Student Anabel Jacob stated: “The day with Lord Dubs provided a true insight into issues of immigration with asylum seekers and gave us a reminder that we, as young adults, have the power and ability to change outcomes within our society”.

And student, Rachel Hatherley added: “The session was really eye – opening on the topic of immigration. Meeting Ishmael and Alf Dubs, both immigrants who fled their homeland demonstrated to me how necessary it is that we welcome and support refugees and how important it is that young people speak up about the severity of the current crisis, as our society often turns a blind eye to the situation”.