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Gumley House School FCJ

Creativity and ingenuiety on display at the year 8 Science Fair

Yr 8 Students show off their experimentation skills at the annual Science Fair

This summer Gumley House hosted its second annual Science Fair to allow the Year 8 students to develop their scientific enquiry skills.

The students have been working on their projects all year and have spent time researching, planning and collecting their results.

They were able to choose any scientific topic that interested them and used the skills they have developed in their KS3 lessons to become inquisitive young scientists.

Year 8 students should be very proud of the work they have produced this year and should continue with their scientific questioning.

The winning groups were:

  • Abi Egan, Analisa Jacob and Roxanne Welna who tested the effects of different drinks on our teeth.


  • Otylia Gieshaimer, Julita Smela and Natalie Zak and their “bendy bones” experiment.


  • Nicole Krzyszczuk and Sofiya Kyslyuk who looked at which material is best for blocking UV rays.