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Gumley House School FCJ

Students win British Airways Award

Year 12 Students participated in the end of year competition for their Young Enterprise company held at British Airways Headquarters.

They created their company back in September and have since worked hard to organise trade fairs to promote their products enabling them to help out local charities, by donating all their profit.

To help decide on a suitable product, the girls carried out market research and developed the feedback to create a cosmetics gift bag, which was a perfect item to sell especially at an all girl’s school. After first launching the product at the Christmas Bazaar held at school, they came to the conclusion that having a seasonal product would create the most profit. They created products for Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.
They first attended a practice competition at Bishopshalt School where they received valuable advice from judges. This advice lead them to improve their trade stand, report and presentations for the upcoming competition in March.
The girl’s worked really hard to ensure their trade stand looked as best as it could and it paid off. Their efforts were rewarded as they won the award for ‘Best Trade Stand’.  Overall, the day was a huge success and the girls gained valuable experience from taking part in the Young Enterprise programme.
They would like to thank Miss Power (Business Studies Teacher) and Julia Fitzgerald (Business Advisor) for their support and guidance throughout the year. They would also like to thank everyone who showed support during fundraising events.