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Gumley House School FCJ

Gumley joins digital detox

Join our Spring Digital Detox from 30 April – 25 May !

With an increase in reliance on Portable Personal Devices, Social Media and the Internet, research has shown that there can be a negative impact on social interaction with family and friends, sleep patterns and mental health. 

Following the feedback from our last Parents/Carers information evening on the 8 January on E-safety, we have taken into account your concerns with mental health and we would like to encourage all students and parents/carers at Gumley House School FCJ to join in our Spring Digital Detox campaign to raise awareness of the effect of technologies on our lives.
The aim of the event is not to 'demonise' social media and technology, but simply try to raise awareness of the importance of 'control' for users.  We want to help our young people to make considered decisions about how they use technology and question how much of their time they are spending on their apps and devices. 

In our E-Safety termly assembly, we will focus on mental health and on how to manage our Virtual Vs Real life balance. We are showing a short but powerful clip to students from Steve Cutts, please watch on

We hope you will feel able to take part in our Spring digital detox and that (perhaps more importantly) it will stimulate conversations about how we use technology in our daily lives. We also believe that the time of the Digital Detox will help our students to focus on their studies and revisions as the exam period is about to begin.
So! Please click here to sign up to the Spring Digital Detox  via a very quick survey and let’s see how many students, parents/carers, staff and governors we can get involved – we will keep you updated over the next few weeks. 
Finally, thank you so much for your continuing interest in supporting our young people in making the right choices!

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