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Gumley House School FCJ

Gumley celebrates STEM week 2018

Students participated in a series of events to learn about the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in everyday life.   

Gumley House hosted its second annual STEM Week this year, which took place from 26th Feb - 2nd March.  The purpose of STEM week was to promote the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to our students and for students to see how these seemingly different subjects are uniquely interconnected.  During the week students were able to experience a range of after school, lunch time and lesson time events which allowed them to further develop their investigative and inquisitive skills. 

STEM Week Highlights

The STEM events available to students during the week included:

  • Mobile Planetarium by immersive Experiences -  Students were able to enjoy a planetarium within the confines of the school.  Students were taken on a journey to distant regions of the Solar System and discovered unique facts about space and the stars in an amazing immersive 360o experience. The latest digital software was used to guide our students around the night sky, out into the Solar System and beyond.

  • Animal Workshops by Urban Farm –   Students were excited to be able to handle exotic animals like snakes, lizards, chinchillas, cockroaches and spiders.  Students were able to learn about an assortment of animals and found out about some endangered species and their habitats.

  • Extracting DNA – Miss Kelly showed students how the amazing substance of DNA works. Students were intrigued during this workshop and were excited to be able to extract DNA from Kiwi Fruit. 
  • Dissection Workshop – Due to high demand, three dissection workshops were available this year! Miss Rowell and Mrs Sidhu taught students how to dissect hearts, eyes and kidneys.  Students were also able to find out how different organs function and how our heart makes sure all parts of our body get oxygen.

  • STEM Workshop - Mr Ottman delivered a workshop which allowed students to participate in activities to develop their STEM skills. Students were eager to put their skills to use and compete to make the best catapult.

  • Optical Illusions - Mr Sharma delivered a workshop allowing students to find out about optical illusions. Students were excited to participate and make their own amazing creations.

  • Science of Bubbles – Mr. Duggan taught students about the Science behind bubbles.  Students were able to make bubbles and calculate and discover the factors that affect the size of bubbles.

  • Great Gumley Bake Off –  Back by popular demand, students learnt about the science of baking cakes! Students baked amazing cakes which were based on a STEM theme and were judged like the popular TV Show. 

  • Building Towers and bridges in Maths - Using just a single piece of A4 paper, groups of year 7 students set out to complete two challenges – the tallest tower and the longest bridge. Sellotape was forbidden in these Maths lessons, so students had to use their creative minds.  Some students made impressively tall towers, which collapsed before measurements could be recorded. Other groups built solid smaller towers, which survived the strong winds as their teachers attempted to knock them down. Excellent team work and ideas were demonstrated by all of Year 7.

Overall, STEM week proved to be a success with students feeling much more enriched with activities and knowledge that extends the curriculum.