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Gumley House School FCJ

Gumley celebrates Safer Internet Day 2018  

A range of talks and competitions to promote a safe and healthy approach to using the internet.

February is the national month of Online safety and well-being and every year Gumley House joins other schools in the country (through the hashtag #SID) to share a positive and healthy approach to using the internet.

We launched our awareness campaign on Monday 6th January when parents/carers were invited to attend an information evening on digital parenting in partnership with Childnet International and the Metropolitan Police. To access the resources such as the parents/carers internet agreements please follow this link.  All of Gumley staff were also informed about the latest trends and issues highlighted by the NSPCC report  about the effect of social media on young people.  The report can be read here

Students attended their termly assembly on online safety, which launched our competition in partnership with the UK Safer Internet Centre. The aim of the campaign called “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A Better Internet Starts With you” was to encourage young people in the country to reflect on the impact the internet may have on their lives. Cyber-bullying, trolling, grooming, sexting or even comparing themselves to unrealistic YouTubers or Instagramers, young people are exposed to a lot of unacceptable and sometimes distressing content whilst browsing on their devices.

The campaign focused on the positive side of the internet, and how much it can bring people together, inspire or motivate. We encouraged Gumley students to create an image, a Gif or a Vine which shared a positive message to the world under the UK Internet Centre hashtag #SID2018.

This year’s winner is Francesca Adams in 7T1 who created an inspiring but technically challenging selfie with her family members sharing positive vibes to the world such as “Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big” – “Be a Pineapple, Stand Tall and be Sweet on the Inside” – “Don’t Let Anyone dull your Sparkle “and “Love your Life” – Francesca Clark won a £20 Cineworld Voucher to enjoy with her family! Well Done Francesca!

This is what Gumley House is all about. We dedicate ourselves in the spirit of Marie Madeleine to educate our girls to be strong young women taking on the world in their hands. Francesca’s selfie represents exactly what our mission is about.

We are proud that our Gumley community works closely together to allow our Gumley girls to be healthy, and safe global and virtual citizens.

Key dates for the diary:

  • E-safety assemblies in May

  • Parents/ carers information evening – well-being and mental health Summer term TBC