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Gumley House School FCJ

NASA Mission Discovery

Students work with astronauts, world renowned scientists and NASA leaders.

This one week unique programme at King’s College propels students into the exploration of Space, meeting and working with:

  • Mike Foale - Astronaut, Astrophysicist & ISS Commander, Sarah Murray - NASA’S Mission Support & Partnership Councils Executive, Dr. Julie Keeble - Lecturer of Pharmacology, King’s College, Prof. Steve Harridge - Professor of Human and Applied Physiology, King’s College and Chris Barber - ISSET Founder & Director, Space Educationalist.


“Every day we were given interesting lectures on all branches of science. We were shown what life is like in the ISS by NASA astronaut, Michael Foale and taught about savvy marketing from two students from King’s College who had designed top of the range space suits.”

“A real insight into the life of an astronaut as well as the science that goes behind their training, the launch and their lives in a microgravity environment (including the physical demand it has).”

“We built experiments, created our team name (the earth-terrestrials) and presented our project ideas. This is an amazing opportunity for people who love space, sciences, or just want to broaden their knowledge. We learnt so much.”

“I liked learning about the effect of space on astronauts and the many ways that they go about overcoming this.”   

“Another aspect that I particularly enjoyed was meeting students from all over the world.” 

“NASA Mission discovery was an incredible experience! The course enabled me to learn more about the ISS’s strong and extensive network, who perform complex calculation, medical and engineering tasks - making space exploration possible.”