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Gumley House School FCJ

Sixth formers create Women of the World conference in school For years 10 &11 students ​​​​​​​

Each year the sixth former students that participate in the Southbank Women of the World conference bring back some of the learning and inspiration to younger students.

They achieve this by identifying a topic they wish to highlight and then plan the whole event known as Gumley’s own mini WOW conference.  

This year, the student team chose to debate ‘The misrepresentation of women in media'.

In addition to their own presentation, they planned a task with students working in teams to identify how editorial also on social media channels could be shifted to stop the negative representation of women.

Doris Amankwaah of The Fawcett Society, a leading charity campaigning for Women’s rights, kindly supported our school. Her involvement significantly contributed to the discussion and students were eager to find out more information and question her.

Congratulations to our formidable sixth form team.

Student stated: “We really enjoyed sharing our experience of the Women of the World conference with the younger year groups and were very pleased that they were so enthusiastic!”