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Gumley House School FCJ

Ciara wins seat at Obama''s inauguration

Ciara Macklin has been selected to make a trip to America to watch incoming President Barrack Obama’s inauguration into the White House.

Ciara was chosen to visit Washington and New York to join a host of other exceptional students from around the World at the Global Young Leaders Conference. She was selected based on her presentation on the country of Haiti and the problems of poverty. After her visit she received the news that she would be returning to Washington, this time to witness the historic occasion of America’s first black President.

She said “When I received the news it was fantastic. We are heading out on January 17 and there are loads of events that they are putting on. Al Gore is going to deliver a keynote speech and Colin Powell is also going to be there. It’s all really exciting”.
Ciara will be going to university next year to study law.
Every year Gumley funds one sixth former to make this trip. Students write a letter of application and then prepare a presentation to the school governors and panel. This trip gives students the opportunity of meeting some of the world’s top journalists, business leaders, lobbyists and diplomats all whilst taking in the sights like Capitol Hill, the Statue of Liberty and even a visit to the White House.