Newly Qualified Teachers

Gumley House School


Newly Qualified Teachers

We have developed a personalised programme for our NQTs, linked with the Local Authority, to support them throughout their first two years of teaching.

Induction Year

  • Provide opportunities to engage with the school before you start, including an induction day in the summer term.
  • Allocation of an Induction Tutor who will oversee your first year through weekly meetings, assessments and observations to support and progress your development.
  • Allocation of a buddy.
  • Welcome Event at the Hounslow Professional Development Centre for all NQTs starting their teaching career in the borough.
  • A Professional Studies Programme where you can share expertise and experiences with other NQTs and senior staff.
  • Access to external courses.
  • A subject-specific Mentor Programme and Support, Monitoring and Assessment Programme through the London Borough of Hounslow, linked to individual targets.
  • Opportunities to shadow teachers, do joint Learning Walks with colleagues and peer observations.

Early Careers Programme

As part of our commitment to the ongoing development of our staff the Early Careers Programme is designed to be a supportive bridge, enabling teachers who have completed their induction year, to continue to develop as reflective teachers, enhance their own classroom practice whilst also considering the next steps in their teaching careers.

The programmes are voluntary and consist of:

  • An Action Research Project on a topic staff want to develop their practice in
  • Sessions that aim to develop teaching and learning strategies, including for exam classes, and strategies to manage workload
  • Networking with Gumley teachers and teachers from other schools to share good practice and gain from their expertise and experience
  • Lesson observations
  • Presentations at St Mary’s University.