Headteacher's Welcome

Gumley House School



Welcome to Gumley House School FCJStephen Byrne

Gumley House is different and our aim is simple: to be a World Class Catholic School where our students receive the very best education possible.  

Let me start by asking you a question. 
Do you think it is possible to educate our young people better than we do now?  By 'better', I do not only mean helping them to improve their attainment, as it is conventionally measured, I mean whether it is possible to find a better way than we have now to prepare them for the world they will live in as adults; a world that will be very different from that of their teachers and parents.  
We certainly believe it is - and this is something every member of staff at Gumley House strive to achieve. 

Gumley House is a thriving, high performing and happy school.  Students are incredibly well-mannered, look after one another and enjoy being here. We have a strong Catholic ethos and a tradition of outstanding academic outcomes which comes from having exceptionally high expectations.  Gumley House has strong regard for good behaviour, self-discipline and self-improvement among its students, whatever their background or ability.  Students love the experience both in and out of the classroom and as a result, leave as well-rounded individuals with the skills and abilities to take on the world.

We believe that every child can prosper in life if challenged and inspired appropriately. A strong academic curriculum supported by outstanding personal and spiritual development with a deep extra-curricular provision, helps Gumley students develop as individuals with the necessary skills to be successful in adult life.

At Gumley House we take the time to get to know each girl as an individual to be able to support her in creating her own story.   Our 'Gumley girls' are encouraged to think for themselves, question and explore, always supported by their outstanding and passionate teachers. They enjoy great success in the academic field, with our Sixth Form students regularly securing places at the most prestigious universities and going onto prosperous careers.

We blend traditional values with creativity and innovation - offering a rich environment for progress. The quality of teaching and breadth of curriculum ensures students consistently achieve the best possible standards in their public examinations. We also believe it is essential to provide opportunities for young people to take responsibility for leading their learning thus strengthening their independence and maturity.

We make sure that all aspects of the curriculum are delivered to the highest standards possible and encourage students to develop their own particular interests and skills throughout their time at the school.  We place a particular emphasis on STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) and also the Arts.  Significant additional opportunities are available to young people with interests in these subject areas.  Our links with schools in Europe and other continents means students have real opportunities to learn about their world.  And of course, we believe that by providing significant sporting opportunities has massive benefits for all students, and we are recognised locally and nationally for our sporting achievements.

Whilst our girls will have every opportunity to pursue their personal aspirations, they will also learn to appreciate the importance of community and the contribution each individual must make to sustain it at a local, national and international level.  Through our core values, immersed in the FCJ traditions, our girls are supported to become positive role models and leaders of the future. You will often find them fundraising and campaigning for various causes, using their voices for good.

Gumley is simply bursting with creativity, talent and excellence – this is shown in all that we do. So I invite you to visit us in person – when you do, you will appreciate what makes our school such a special place.

Mr Stephen Byrne