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The Future Starts Today

Welcome to the Gumley House FCJ family!

It was St John Paul II that said "The future starts today, not tomorrow' - and this is exactly how we approach our new Gumley Girls once accepted into the school.  To kickstart every students’ Gumley journey and ensure that their transition from primary to secondary school is exciting and successful, we have carefully curated our highly regarded transition programme.

Starting a new school is an exciting, life defining period for every child, and it is with great pleasure that we are able to accompany children and families throughout this chapter. We are confident that your daughter will have the best start possible with us, and that whilst they may feel nervous about secondary education, they will feel part of the Gumley community long before they begin in September.

Our transition programme aims to provide Year 6 pupils with the opportunity to meet with their future teachers, begin building friendships and experience life at Gumley before September. In turn, it also enables us to get to know each girl as an individual, understanding their interests, talents and learning styles, in order to create a personalised experience for each of them. Our transition programme has a track record of success in ensuring a positive start to their Gumley education.

Should you wish to discuss transition, specific needs or to request a tour onsite of the school, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the Transition Team.

'Start Your Story...' Information Booklet

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What can you expect from our Student Transition Programme?

Friendship Afternoon
The first event which kicks off our transition programme, Friendship Afternoon. Taking place shortly after Offer Day, Friendship Afternoon warmly welcomes all pupils offered a place at Gumley, to meet new peers, enjoy taster lessons, meet staff members and to get an idea of the excitement that awaits!

All About You
Our famous All About Me booklets are distributed home, which allow us to get to know pupils as much as possible before September.

Exploring Gumley
Take a look at our interactive Gumley video to explore more and find out about the school.

Induction Day
Bursting to the seams with team building activities, activities, workshops and taster lessons, this is the perfect opportunity for pupils to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings, meet the staff and continue building friendships.

Touching Base
September is fast approaching! Our Summer Challenges booklet is designed to prepare pupils and enlighten them to the secondary curriculum, which we are sure will keep pupils busy until September.

First Day
The long awaited first day is finally here! All new Year 7 students begin the new academic year a day ahead of the rest of the school. This allows them to find their way around and get used to their new surroundings

If you have any queries at all about your start at Gumley, please just email our Transition Team.