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The Story of a Gumley Girl

It’s all about the girls at Gumley; they are what make us unique.

From world travellers to commanding the West End, medical marvels to philanthropists, women in STEM to fashion designers, scientists to musicians – our network of Gumley Girls, both past and present, is bursting to the seams with aspirations, great adventures, passion and destined for success.

What is it that makes a Gumley Girl? Supporting each of our students own talents, aspirations and personalities is a well-equipped team of specialist staff and enhanced by our incredible facilities, outstanding enrichment and personal development offerings and a traditional yet innovative curriculum. Excellence underpins all that we do in ensuring every student achieves it both personally and academically, and in turn this shapes a generation of tenacious, empowered, creative, curious, independent and future ready Gumley Girls, awaiting their next adventure.

Let our girls tell you, their story.


  • Evelina
    Taking centre stage
  • Eden Rose
    An intrepid explorer always seeking adventure
  • Queenly
    Pioneering medicine
  • Jasmine
    Young debater, future White House counsel
  • Daisy
    The peoples champion
  • Aiza
    Soaring to the skies
  • Elvina
    Conquering the stage and the theatre
  • Phoebe
    Calling the midwife
  • Asher
    Commandeering the box office and the classroom
  • Lulu
    Leaps and bounds across the globe
  • Meg
    Cut from a different cloth
  • Emily
    Exploring the depths
  • Sofia
    No time for a pitstop
  • Isabelle
    The key to unlocking the past
  • Iris
    Taking the world by storm
  • Abigail
    Learning without limites
  • Zahra
    Prolific writer, deep thinker, ready to break the late-night news
  • Iquao
    Striking a chord with the next generation
  • Lola
    Outside the box but never offside
  • Annia
    Future Doctor with a creative flair
  • Asmita
    Sights on international successes
  • Verissa
    Treading the boards
  • Freya
    Making waves in the world of law
  • Katie
    Going for Gold
  • Klaudia
    Medical Marvel
  • Bervly
    Changing the world with medicine
  • Neve
  • Lily
    Musically philanthropic
  • Rachel
    Conquering more than the world
  • Olivia
    Veterinary on a huge scale
  • Tabitha
    TED Fellow
  • Loisse
    Loves a challenge
  • Eleanor
    Emelia, Ruth, Malala... Eleanor
  • Maia
    Leaping for her dreams
  • Chantelle
    School Champion
  • Angelica
    Securing success in STEM
  • Alice
    Striving for political change