Student Leadership

Gumley House School


Student Leadership

At The Sixth, students are encouraged to lead, and are empowered to do so.

They take on formal roles, as part of the Student Senior Leadership Team, and informal roles, mentoring younger years, running clubs and societies, supporting staff in the classroom or volunteering in the local community.

Student Senior Leadership Team

Our Student Senior Leadership Team members are highly valued and respected role-models within our school community. The unique roles within the team include Head Boy and Girl, Heads of Sixth Form, Heads of Liturgies, Heads of School Council, Heads of Sport and Heads of Learning. These roles allow students to strive together to create and drive change within The Sixth and main school.

The past Student Senior Leadership Teams have made significant contributions to the daily lives of Gumley students. Successes include:

  • The remodelling of the main school rewards system.
  • Sixth Form transition sessions, involving coffee mornings with Year 11 students gaining valuable knowledge about life in The Sixth from Year 12 and 13 students.