The Sixth 'Open Evening'

Gumley House School


The Sixth 'Open Evening'

Welcome to our Sixth Form Open Event

We are sorry that we are unable to host our usual 'Into The Sixth' Open Event.   This year, to help ensure the safety of our community, and following Government guidelines, we are hosting an opportunity for Gumley students to meet their Sixth Form teachers for a question and answer 'market place' as well as providing an engaging and welcoming online experience to give you a sense of what makes the Gumley Sixth unique.  

From the selection below you will be able to hear the Head of Sixth outline what gives Gumley the distinctiveness that makes us a popular choice.  

Welcome by Mr Graham (Assistant Headteacher / Head of the Sixth)



What do you need to know about joining our Sixth Form
Although the decision of what to study in The Sixth may be daunting, your choice of where to study shouldn't be.  The Gumley House Sixth Form experience is distinctive in that a greater degree of personal responsibility is assumed, and students are supported into this. Moreover, scope is provided for wider conversation and intellectual and cultural exposure, creating opportunities that will ensure students are able to move confidently in the world after their departure. The Sixth is a centre for academic excellence and have provided high quality Catholic education for more 180 years.  Whilst recruiting predominantly from internal students, the Sixth Form is open to external applicants regardless of their faith. The latter form an important, integrated element of the School, and have been a much valued part of The Sixth.  

Which course to I choose?
We offer courses which range of high currency subjects at both A Level and Applied courses. Visit our courses page and explore the many subjects on offer.  At the foot of each dedicated page is a link where you can ask questions of each of the subject leads. 

We have different pathways to choose from, dependent on your preferred route to university, apprenticeship or employment.  Each pathway features a dedicated plan of academic study and personal enrichment to ensure you are fully prepared for the next stage of your journey.

How do I apply?
Whilst applications to Gumley Sixth Form are competitive, we do our utmost to facilitate students' personal choices of study, even if this means liaising with Consortium schools locally to ensure clashing subjects are minimised.  Once you have explored the subjects on offer and made your decision to apply, visit our Applications Page, download and return the application form.

What if I don't get the grades?
Speak with our Careers Officer, Mrs Pick, who will be able to advise you appropriately and direct you accordingly.  There is always a supportive discussion to be had - so do not worry.  In some occasions, students who qualify for A Level may resit their English or Maths if needed, while in Year 12.

What makes Gumley different?
We are a real community. We expect you to work very hard - and have exceptional pastoral care which accompanies your tremendous effort.  We are vibrant and outreaching, but not so large or impersonal that you get lost in the crowd.  We are a Sixth Form where you can quickly make new friends, where the teachers know the students very well, and where there is a genuine atmosphere of community and a feeling that you really belong to something.

What's next? 
Get looking at the right courses for you and start filling in your application form.  You will be called for interview shortly after the deadline - please don't miss it!