Gumley House School



An exceptional staff delivering an exceptional education

The staff at Gumley House are all highly qualified and share a full commitment in providing the highest standards of education, care and guidance that ensure all students are happy, safe, well motivated and successful.  

If you have any concerns, please contact your child's Tutor in the first instance.

Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Byrne:  Headteacher

Mrs F Russell:  Deputy Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs M Windmill:  Deputy Headteacher 

Ms  R Jaipersad:  Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mr A Graham:  Assistant Headteacher (Head of The Sixth)

Mrs L Jarvis:  Assistant Headteacher (Data and Planning)

Mrs Katie Collins: Assistant Headteacher (SENDCo)

Ms Juliette Claro: Associate Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning)

Mr D Carlin:  School Business Leader

Pastoral Support (Heads of Year and Tutor Contact Form)

Mrs F Russell:  Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Ms  R Jaipersad:  Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs L Hasker (Pastoral Manager):  Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs N Thethi  (Pastoral Assistant):  Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs C. Newman (Deputy SENDCo/Inclusion):  Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs G. Rinzivillo:  Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs N Roberts:  Safeguarding Governor

Miss C. Pigott:  Head of Year 7

Mrs L Jarvis:  Head of Year 8

Mrs C Fullerton:  Head of Year 9

Mr R Silva:  Head of Year 10

Ms T. Peters:  Head of Year 11

Mr A. Graham & Dr M. Esslin-Peard:  Heads of The Sixth


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 Heads of Department

Art & PhotographyMrs M Martin

Business & EconomicsMrs M Windmill

ComputingMs J Ellaway

DramaMiss E Rouse

EnglishMiss L McGregor

Food Technology:  Technology 

HumanitiesMrs B Thompson

Learning Support (SEND):  Learning Support

MathematicsMs N Poynter

Media Studies:  Mrs M Windmill

Modern Foreign LanguagesMrs L. Manikon & Ms T. Arecco

MusicDr M Esslin-Peard

Physical Education:  Mrs H Warden

Psychology:  Mrs M Browne

Religious Education:  Miss S Victor

Science:  Ms V Sharma

Sociology:  Mrs I Kennedy

Textiles Technology:  Mrs D McCann

 The story of Gumley Staff

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