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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Gumley House's mission is to ensure that every child grows to be their best self, regardless of their ability.   We create a programme aimed at supporting every young person personally and academically - in true response to the words of Jesus (and our motto 'Vive ut Vivas'):

"I have come that you may have life - and have it in all it's fullness"
John 10:10

We work very hard to support all students within the school, particularly those who present with a variety of needs in a mainstream school. We do not have a ‘specialism’ in supporting students with a particular type of need; we support all students’ additional needs on an individual basis.  Information regarding our offer for students with SEND or learning difficulties can be found on the documentation which can be downloaded below. These outline the support you should expect for your child.


Please contact the school SENDCo if you have any questions about special educational needs or disabilities at Gumley House School FCJ.

Mrs K. Collins:


SEND Policy

SEND Accessibility Plan