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Examination Support

Supporting your child through their examinations

Examinations can be a worrying time for young people - and their families.    It can help to be well informed about examination processes and to know where to find help if needed.  The information below is not subject specific but covers a range of do’s and don’ts which, if followed, should help make the experience of taking exams at Gumley House school as stress free as possible.

Any questions regarding examinations should be directed to our Examinations Officer: Mrs L. Richardson

Year 11 Exams Booklet

This booklet has been designed for Year 11 students to know exactly where to be throughout the exam season.  In between their exams they will receive further academic and pastoral support in their lessons.  It is important that students follow this routine as this will have a greater impact on their performance during the exam season.

Year 11 Examination Booklet 2023

Ofqual Student Guide 2023

Letter to Parents from Ofqual

Parent Revision Support

This booklet has been specially prepared to guide parents on how to best support their child on the lead up to the examination season.

'On Your Marks' booklet 

Exam Timetables

Students will be issued with a personal examination timetable before the start of an examination series. This will be for both internal mock exams and external summer entry exams. This will be given to you during tutor times.  Please check that personal details (spelling of name, date of birth) are correct. Check all the exams you are expecting to take are listed and that the exam tier i.e. higher or foundation is correct. If you think something is wrong, you should see Mrs O'Sullivan, our Examinations officer without delay.  Her office is in D Block opposite D1.15.

Candidate number and Centre Number

A unique four digit number will identify you for all of the exams that you take at Gumley House School.  It will be shown on your exam timetable.  If you have taken exams at another centre, you will be given a new number for use here. You will need to record the centre number for Gumley House School on all your exam papers. Our Centre Number is 13120

Do's and Don't of examinations

Items that are allowed in an examination
All equipment must be brought in a colourless transparent pencil case or polythene bag. Also:

-  A minimum of two Pens (black biro ink only)
-  HB pencils
-  Pencil sharpener
-  Eraser
-  Ruler
-  Some subjects might require additional equipment such as compass, protractor, scientific calculator (without lid)
-  A highlighter is allowed for English only
-  Set texts in certain subjects
-  Clear plastic bottle of still water with a sports cap, all labels must be removed from bottles before entering the exams hall

Items that are not allowed in an examination
Some items are banned from examinations. These are JCQ regulations and must not be brought into the exam room.

-  Mobile phones
These must not be brought into examination rooms under any circumstances. Any student found to have a mobile phone in the room is likely to be disqualified from that paper and possibly from the whole examination in that subject. Our advice is that mobile phones should not be brought to school on the day of an examination

-  Electronic devices such as MP3 players
-  Smartwatches
-  Gel pens, erasable pens, highlighters (except for English), Tippex or ink erasers
-  Calculator lids
-  Bags – these should be placed in students’ lockers - but can be placed where directed on the day
-  Notes, papers and text books
-  Food or chewing gum

School Uniform
Students must be in full school uniform in accordance with the school uniform policy. Please note jewellery that is not part of the uniform policy will be confiscated and returned at the end of the examination series. Our advice is to ensure that you are dressed correctly to avoid unnecessary stress before the exam.

Examination Clashes
Sometimes there is an exam timetable clash when two or more exams start at the same time.  If this is for the same subject, this is intentional on the part of the exam board and the exams will run consecutively.  If not, the Exams Office will re-schedule one or more of the exams to be sat at another time of the day.  Students will receive written notification of this. In this event, students will be supervised over the lunch break. They may not have access to their mobile phone or the internet or communicate with other students but may revise, eat lunch, read etc. under supervision. If you think you have a clash on your timetable but have not received a clash notification please report this to the Exams Office immediately.

Exam Times, Registration and Venues
Summer exams are mainly held in the Assembly Hall and designated classrooms/areas.  Students should assemble for registration, in the correct location, in their seating plan position. Seating plans will be displayed on noticeboards just outside the mail exam locations.

-  Morning exams start at 9am therefore students should be lined up by 8.50am
-  Afternoon exams start at 1.30pm therefore students should be lined up by 1.20pm

There may be occasional variations to these timings but students will be advised of this in advance. The length of exam papers varies and sometimes afternoon exams will not finish until after the end of the school day. Students and parents should be aware of this and make suitable arrangements for getting home. Students will not be allowed out of exams early for any reason.

Entering an exam room and exam invigilation
As soon as you enter an exam room, you are in exam conditions, and so should remain in silence until you leave. Invigilators are present and oversee ensuring that JCQ exam regulations are carried out during the length of the exam. Once you enter the exam room, you must follow the instructions given by the invigilators exactly.  Invigilators are also there to make sure you are OK.  If you have any queries or concerns during an exam such as needing extra paper, you should raise your hand and an invigilator will come over to help you.  Invigilator’s cannot give you any help with the questions so please do not ask them.  An invigilator will tell you when the exam starts and when the exam finishes. You are not permitted to leave the exam unsupervised and would not be allowed to go back into the exam room if this occurred.

Leaving an exam room
Before the exam papers are collected in you should ensure your details (name, candidate number and centre number) are on all your work. You are not allowed to take any papers out of the examination room. You should remain in silence until you are well away from the exam room (other students may be continuing)

What if a student is late?
If you or your parents are aware that you are going to be late to an exam, then telephone the school to inform us of the circumstances immediately. You should get to the school as quickly as you can and report to reception. Depending on how long the exam has been in progress, a decision will then be taken to decide if you can sit the examination. If it is possible for the student to be admitted, please be aware that the exam boards always reserve the right not to accept an examination script under these circumstances.  If there has been no notification received by the school of the late arrival of a student for an exam, the school will attempt to contact them by telephone using the numbers on our school records.

What if a student is unwell before or during an exam?
As there is only one opportunity to sit the exam, you should try and attend all your exams. If you are too ill to attend, parents should telephone the school before an examination to inform the Exams Office that their son/daughter will not be attending an exam.  It is important to see your GP on the day of the exam affected and obtain a medical certificate.  This must be handed in for the attention of the Exams Office within 48 hours of the exam in question. Retrospective information is not accepted by the Exam Boards.   Students who feel unwell during an examination should raise their hand and bring this to the immediate attention of an invigilator.

What if a student has problems that may affect exam performance or exam preparation?
Any personal circumstances which may affect exam performance arising shortly before or during the exams should be notified as soon as possible to Mrs O'Sullivan, Exams Officer.  The Exams Office will decide whether to apply for Special Consideration depending on the circumstances but parents should be aware that any adjustment is likely to be very small and that feedback is never provided by the Exam Boards.

What if the fire alarm sounds during an exam? You will be told if there is an evacuation. In this situation, you should put down your pens, leave everything in the exam room, and go with the invigilator to the evacuation point. You must remain in silence throughout the evacuation. Any lost time will be added to the end of the exam.

Results Day and Enquiries about Results
Provisional exam results will be available for students to collect from school on the morning of:

-   Thursday 17 August 2023 (GCE/A Level)
-   Thursday 24 August 2023 (GCSE)

Any results not collected will be posted to the student that day.  No results can be given over the telephone or by email. If student or parent is concerned about any result, it is advisable to discuss this with the relevant Head of Department or subject teacher as soon as possible. 

Exam Certificates

Students still at Gumley House will be notified after Christmas when and where certificates may be collected. Leavers will receive a letter about certificate collection at the end of the autumn term.