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New Parents Information

Parents' Transition to Gumley House

It's not just your daughters that have to transition to secondary school.  It can be quite an exciting (and perhaps daunting) time for their parents and carers too!

It is very important that you, and we, have as much information as possible in order to ensure your daughter begins her story with us in the best possible way.  Firstly, all parents are required to complete the Transition Portal below.  This form gives us all the much needed information about your daughter so we can fully prepare to welcome her and start her journey with us.

Transition Portal for Parents and Carers 

Things to do before September?

1.  Make sure you complete the Transition Portal above by the 31st of May at the very latest.

2. Visit our  Transition Page for activities your daughter can do over the summer.

 Support Documents:
Additionally, you will find links to some useful documents below. These are referred to throughout the Transition Portal questionnaire.


What is moving to secondary school really like?
The secondary school learning experience involves much more independence than primary school children are used to. From year 7 onwards, children may be given more freedom and independence in how they learn and complete tasks. They’ll also need to remember to complete and hand in homework and bring in any items needed for certain lessons or activities, such as their PE kit and cooking ingredients. Secondary school timetables also mean children need to independently navigate their way to different classrooms on time. 

For children in year 6, this level of independence is a big jump. To help children prepare for it, you should encourage children to take on more independence in the classroom and at home. Children will also need to learn to take responsibility for their own actions because with increased independence comes a greater sense of responsibility.

What is MidYis testing?
This is not something to worry about at all.  It is also not a 'test' which your daughter can revise for.  MidYIS stands for Middle Years Information System and is an assessment which takes approximately 50 minutes. The results give us some understanding of your child's strengths and weaknesses in vocabulary, numeracy and other skills.
  As your daughter takes the test, it adjusts itself based on the answers given (an 'adaptive algorithm').  The test is designed to measure, as far as possible, ability and aptitude for learning rather than achievement.  MidYIS is not an IQ Test as it is designed to provide a measure of ‘typical’ performance. 


Start of the New Term:
Our first day of the new school year, for Year 7, will be  Wednesday 4th September 2024 (tbc) starting at 10am and finishing at 1pm.  She will have her school photo taken and spend some time in her new tutor group. 

For other term dates, please visit our calendar and term dates pages.