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Meet Sofia

Sofia; no time for a pitstop 

An avid Formula 1 fan, Sofia is inspired by the mechanics of engineering and the magic of a broad language repertoire, and the opportunities both can bring.

Across Gumley, the importance of STEM and offering our girls’ routes to enter the sector is pivotal. We know that students like Sofia are the future of our society, and agents for social change. Sofia is powerful; equipped with the knowledge and skills for the future, such as coding, and armed with a competitive edge as she races on a national rowing team, we know that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.

To support the achievement of her goals, Sofia makes use of additional support in her maths and science lessons, is fluent in French and seeks out every hands-on learning experience she can find. By applying her knowledge into real world situations, there’s no stopping this powertrain.