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Imperial College ENACTUS, Amazon & Unilever

The Water Tower Project - Year 8 students showcase their skills

Before the competition starts…. Students enter Imperial College’s world renowned Carbon Capture Pilot Plant

Lecture & Tour:. Students hear from Dr. Colin Hale, lead role in commissioning and operating the Department’s pilot scale absorption plant.

  • World Renowned: The plant is the most advanced facility of its kind in the world. It is a 4 storey construction sitting at the centre of the University’s Chemical Engineering Department.  
  • Did you know? Its height equates to 3 double decker buses! As Dr. Hale explained to the students.
  • Its purpose: The plant demonstrates best practice in capturing and storing harmful carbon dioxide before it is released into the atmosphere, making it also a vital resource in the fight against climate change.




The final competition: Saw 4 teams of students presenting their sustainable water tower case studies. Each team also had to present their prototype tower, with all teams creating ambitious and enterprising designs.

The event held at Imperial College, was the culmination of a 4 month in school project, taught by Imperial College ENACTUS undergraduates.

The prestigious judging panel was made up of: Professionals from Amazon and  Unilever.

The objective of the competition was: To raise awareness amongst students of the importance of water resource security in developing countries, particularly on the importance of clean and reliable drinking water.

This competition required students: To develop a water tower idea, factoring in: technical, economic and safety considerations, just like real engineers do!





Certificates of Recognition: Were presented to every student, a valuable accreditation of their work and achievements.

Congratulations: To all our students whose focus and dedication throughout was truly impressive.

Winning Team: Special congratulations to team ‘Imperial Towerzoid’ (the name the students chose!), judged to have best met all the brief requirements. They will soon be enjoying their prize – an Amazon industry workshop!


Gumley would like to thank:

The fantastic undergraduate team from Imperial College ENACTUS, for creating a superb project and for being very motivating mentors for our Gumley students.

Our considerable thanks also to Dr. Colin Hale, Senior Teaching Fellow within Imperial College’s Chemical Engineering Department, for providing a truly fascinating insight into the Carbon Capture Pilot Plant.

A big thank you too, to the judges from Unilever and Amazon, for their expertise and time, particularly in giving each team such essential feedback.