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Digital Citizenship


We hope you had a lovely summer break. We are looking forward to welcoming your daughter back at Gumley, and your sons into our Sixth Form.

This year we are launching the 5 Golden Rules for Digital Citizenship which were written by the students via Learner Voice last summer. Students came up with the 5 Golden Rules about how to be safe and wise digital citizens.

We have put a copy of these rules attached and students will have one to sign in their planners too.

The Digital Citizenship is integrated in our Citizenship lessons, and students receive regular assemblies on this matter. The first assembly will be with the Head of Year who will launch the Golden Rules.

We also want to remind you that phones must be switched off and put away from the moment students enter the school premises until they leave the school premises. The only “phone friendly” areas in school is the cafeteria and directed by a teachers for educational purpose. Students must turn notifications off and must be connected to our safe Gumley WIFI network. Students who use their phone out of these contexts will have their phone confiscated, that includes corridors before 8.40. Please remind your daughter/son of the changes in school.

We strongly encourage parents and carers to read these rules, you will notice that they are very sensible and reflect the fact that young people are very well aware of the issues such as cyber-bullying, screen time, sexting, trolling, inappropriate content and how to deal with it etc.

It is important that we continue to work together to educate our children on how to be safe and how to use technology in the most healthy way.

On Monday 1 October at 7pm in the hall, we will have a parent/carer information evening on digital citizenship. The session will be interactive and will allow parents/carers to learn more about the latest online trends, their risks and how to support children at home with issues raising with technology such as screen addiction, online bullying etc.

Please let us know you are interested in joining us by clicking on this link to register your place.

For any question about Digital Citizenship please contact me at

Miss Claro