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Book Launch Event - Monday 11th November 2019

390 Isleworth WW1 – Be part of this experience & read their life stories

Monday evening at 7.30pm is the launch of a wonderful homage to the 390 Isleworth servicemen of World War 1.

This 400 page hardback colour publication includes a synopsis of each of the 390 servicemen, recounting their lives, occupations, homes, families, their military experiences and their last resting place.

It is also an opportunity to discover the impact of the first world war on the Isleworth community.

This significant publication has been made possible through the dedicated work of many Isleworth community volunteers; who have spent the last few years researching the 390 servicemen who gave their lives in WW1. 

John Weathers, one of the 390 remembered on the Isleworth Memorial, is a family member of one of our students. She will be representing her family and also our school, in collecting Gumley’s copy of this extraordinary publication.

Gumley, together with other Isleworth community schools and partners, has volunteered to be part of the ‘390 Remembrance Project’ since its inception in 2014.  

If you would like to share this experience, do please come to the event and you can also purchase the book. There is no charge for the tickets to the event.

Book Launch Event at The Blue School, North Street, Isleworth TW7 6RQ

  • Tickets: Can be reserved by emailing:
  • Book Purchase: You can purchase a copy of the book through the Isleworth 390 website:
  • Some copies will also be available for purchase on the launch event night too, though please be aware that there is a limited print run.

West Middlesex Hospital is currently exhibiting photos of the 390 servicemen, until 11th November 2019