Mission Statement

Gumley House School


Mission Statement

Our Mission

Vive ut Vivas
'Live that you may have life'

Gumley House School FCJ exists to provide a Catholic Education for its students.
It assists in the total formation of each individual within its community
and necessitates that a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum be available for each student.
Maintaining strong home-school links is recognised as a basic prerequisite.

Gumley encourages a life-long openness to education and a joy in learning
which will remain throughout life. Guided by the teaching of Jesus in the gospels
we promote a community of love, service and prayer, where:

- each person’s worth is recognised;

- each person’s contribution is valued;

- no one benefits at the expense of another;

- the school group looks outward to the wider community.

We seek to develop respect for others.
We help students realize that talents are gifts to be developed for the good of the human community
regardless of race, gender or religion.
We encourage concern for the disabled, the marginalised, the needy 
and all those who are in any sense unable to live a life of full human dignity.