Gumley House School



A strong leadership and service ethos is an intrinsic part of Gumley life.

Each of the roles available offers girls an opportunity to take on positions of responsibility, serve others and share skills and talents.

Leadership skills are developed and girls become active and responsible citizens who are inspired to make a positive difference.

Student Voice

Students are given ownership of their learning and opportunities to make a difference to their school life, providing feedback to the Senior Leadership Team on a number of initiatives.


Students take on positions of responsibility, mentoring younger students, running clubs and insert more examples.  They also service the local community through a variety of volunteer roles in local schools, care homes etc.


Students are tasked with selecting charities and arranging fundraising activities to help a range of local, national and international charities.

Eco club 

Students can lead on the development of the school’s initiatives on recycling, energy and efficiency.

Senior Student Leadership Team

In addition, we have a Senior Student Leadership Team, comprising of student leaders from our Sixth Form who all have unique roles, including Head Girl and Boy, Heads of Sixth Form, Heads of School Council, Heads of Liturgies, Heads of Sport and Heads of Learning.

Sixth Form Student Leadership Team