House System

Gumley House School


House System

Our House System gives students a sense of community and belonging as well as encouraging healthy competition.

It's not quite a choice made by a talking hat from Hogwarts ... but Gumley's house system fosters a spirit of loyalty and collaboration, providing opportunities for personal growth in challenging and fun activities.

There are six houses in total.

All the students in one class belong to the same house, and continue to remain in that house throughout their time at the school. The house system offers opportunities for girls of different ages to interact, working and having fun together.

The six Houses are distinguished by the colour of tie and ID badge ribbon and their patron Saint. 

St. Clare of Assisi

St John

St Joan of

St Thomas More

St. Richard Reynolds

St Theresa of Avila


There are house activities in a wide range of areas including music, drama, dance, netball, hockey, athletics, science, home and school languages, fundraising for charities of their choice (in ever more creative ways) and assemblies.

Each House is led by a House Team from the Sixth Form. A member of staff is also responsible for over-seeing the activities of each house.