Health & Social Care CTEC - Level 3 Extended Certificate

Gumley House School


Health & Social Care BTEC Level 3

Studying Health & Social Care in the Sixth


Entry Criteria:  Grade 4 at GCSE (plus grade required for additional A Level studied in the Sixth)


Why study this course?
The CTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate is the equivalent of studying one A Level subject and students will generally study two other A Levels alongside it. The course is ideal for students who are interested in going onto further study or wish to work in a health and social care related sector such as nursing, midwifery, social work, youth work, counselling,
physiotherapy, etc. on leaving school or university.

What will I learn?

You will study six units of work over two years.

Mandatory Units:

  • Building positive relationships in Health & Social Care
  • Equality, diversity and rights in Health & Social Care
  • Health, safety and security in Health & Social Care
  • Anatomy and physiology for Health & Social Care

Optional Units (examples):

  • Nutrition for Health
  • Sexual health, reproduction and early development stages
  • The impact of long term physiological conditions.

How will I be taught?
Students will be taught through a variety of methods where they will be given opportunities, for example, to write up the findings of their own research, use case studies to explore complex or unfamiliar situations, carry out projects for which
they have choice over the direction and outcomes and demonstrate practical and technical skills using appropriate workplace values and practices. CTECs are designed to have a more ‘hands-on’ approach to study and as such lessons will require students to take on a variety of approaches to their learning.

How many hours a week private study will I have?

As the CTEC course is equivalent to one A Level you will have 6 hours of lesson time per week and you will be expected to spend the same amount of time (6 hours) in your independent study periods and at home working on your coursework, extended reading, research and assignments.

You’ll enjoy this course if…

You want to continue your education through a course which is focused on applied learning and a course which does not require you to sit two or three large exams at the end of two years. Two thirds of the CTEC course is completed and marked in school. This qualification will prepare you for a range of higher education courses and job roles related to a particular sector of the Health and Social Care industry.

50% of your units will be external assessments set by the exam board, the other 50% will be set and marked and internally and externally verified by both your teachers in school and the exam board.

External Assessment could involve written examinations including case studies, pre-release materials, controlled projects or tasks, or computer based tests relating to the subject which students will need to apply their knowledge and understanding.

Internal Assessments are in the form of assignment briefs, completed in a set period. These assignments allow studnets to demonstrate their understanding through completion of a task in vocational scenario.


For more information, contact Mrs K Collins