GCSE Results

Gumley House School


GCSE Results

Academic and personal excellence showcased by Gumley Girls

Once again, Gumley House School FCJ have demonstrated their commitment to students’ academic and personal excellence, following noteworthy subject results and impressive individual performances in the 2023 GCSE results, including 77% of grades achieved 9-5.

Students and staff are celebrating the successes and outstanding achievements of their GCSE cohort. The percentage of students achieving the top grades remains impressive and are a testament to their hard work, adaptability and resilience, alongside staff’s determination and support.

This follows a successful set of results from the Gumley Sixth, which saw 74% of all grades achieved A*-C, 53% of grades A*-B and with many students progressing on to respected universities across the country, including Russell Group universities, impressive apprenticeships and coveted careers.

Highlights of the 2023 examinations include:

  • Students achieved an incredible 110 grade 9s, 206 grade 8s and 289 grade 7s.
  • 56% of all grades achieved by our students were 9-6.
  • 95% of Maths students achieved grades 9-5 with 100% of Further Maths students securing the same results.
  • Religious Studies department are celebrating as 60% of students received grades 9-6, with 53 achieving top grades of 9’s and 8’s.
  • 42% of Art and Design grades were in the top brackets of 9’s – 7’s.
  • 100% of Textiles students achieved Distinction* or Distinction.
  • 46% of Level 1 and 2 Health and Social Care students achieved Distinction* or Distinction.

Students are now looking forward to returning in September to commence the next phase of their education at The Gumley Sixth, the schools highly regarded Sixth Form.

Use this link for full details of our GCSE performance (Progress 8, Attainment 8, etc.) on the .gov website

In a cohort full of individuals who have their own unique strengths and talents, special mention must be made of those girls who have achieved an outstanding set of results:

Zahra can’t wait to start her studies at the Gumley Sixth Form following her fantastic achievements at GCSE including 9’s in Drama and Italian.  She thanks her teachers for keeping her focused and on track in the lead up to her exams


Elaha is celebrating 9 x 9 and 2 x 8 grades at GCSE and is now planning to study Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Philosophy at A level. Her advice to younger students is to be curious, be confident and find a love for learning.

Looking forward to starting her A levels in the new Gumley Sixth Centre, Mia was thrilled with her results especially in Religious Studies and Geography and now looks forward to the next set of challenges ahead.


“Put your head down and focus”, Chelsea’s advice for students about to embark on their GCSE studies. Advice Chelsea took on board to help her secure 9’s, 8’s and 7’s across the board.



The English department, the school community and a great groups of friends, those are some of the credits given by Anna following her glowing results. She now looks forward to studying History, Maths and Biology at The Gumley Sixth Form.


“The balance of warmth, passion and support from teachers is what makes this school so unique”, says Keziah upon collection of her amazing results including a 9 in Art and 8’s in Science, Chinese and RE.



Altogether there were 161 grade 9’s awarded, 246 grade 8’s and 267 grade 7’s.  This is a real testimony to the focus, persistence, resilience and hard work of all the students in the year group.

We are thrilled that the majority of our students are returning in September to continue their educational journey in our co-educational Sixth Form which consistently delivers top results and saw the highest attainment of A* grades in the borough this year.  We are confident they will be the leaders of the future and with the excellent qualifications, skills and qualities they have already gained, they are in the best place to do this.

Head of Year 11, states: “Well done to all of our GCSE students. They deserve every success they have achieved and should be delighted of the opportunities they have secured for the future. Every single student has exuded what it means to be a Gumley Girl, with ambition, commitment and I am so proud that their hard work has been rewarded, and nothing stood in the way of them achieving their goals”.

 Stephen Byrne, Headteacher, commented: 

I am so proud of the progress, determination and successes of our students, both academically and personally. At Gumley, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in all that we do, to develop students into confident, empowered, fierce young women with the qualifications and characteristics to embark on their next chapter, and I can safely say they this has been achieved.

I would like to recognise the hard work of all students and the tireless dedication of our staff, as they supported each and every one of them.

I wish you all every success and look forward to welcoming many of them back to the
Gumley Sixth Form in September”.