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Domestic Violence

It can be stopped.  It must be stopped.

Domestic or family violence or abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual. It can include any situation where someone is forced to alter their behaviour due to fear of their family member’s reaction.  

Domestic abuse is any type of controlling, bullying, threatening or violent behaviour between people who are or have been in a relationship. It can also happen between adults related to one another. It can seriously harm children and young people, and experiencing domestic abuse is child abuse. 

It's important to remember that domestic abuse:

  • can happen inside and outside the home
  • can happen over the phone, on the internet and on social networking sites
  • can happen in any relationship and can continue even after the relationship has ended
  • both men and women can be abused or abusers.

If you are suffering from domestic abuse then please seek help. Speak to a member of a safeguarding team or contact one of the organisations listed in the information booklet below for confidential advice.

'One Stop Shop' Support information