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FCJ Spirituality in Action

"Take great care of the people and the gifts God has entrusted to you."
Marie Madeleine, FCJ Foundress

Our Chaplaincy seeks to inspire young people to become women and men who live in ways that will benefit others as well as themselves. To grow to be young people who will use their gifts and talents to make the world a better place. 


Our young people play a valuable part in the world they live in and we celebrate the opportunity to walk alongside them as they learn how to channel their potential and dream of all the possibilities of who they will become. 

We will facilitate spiritual reflection, promote and encourage spiritual awareness and accompany our students as they seek to deepen their spiritual lives and grow to reach their full potential.  We encourage our students to aspire to the words of Pope Francis,

“Dear young people, let us not be satisfied with a mediocre life.
Be amazed by what is true and beautiful, what is of God!”
 – Pope Francis

Chaplaincy and our FCJ Identity
In the name Faithful Companions of Jesus’, the congregation of Sisters who founded Gumley House School 200 years ago, we find our inspiration for what chaplaincy means here. Companionship is central to all that that shapes our Chaplaincy.  As companions, we are encouraged to walk alongside our students, to accompany and be present with and for them as they step towards maturity. 


Martina (School Chaplain)

Marie Madeleine and the desire to impact the world for good
‘From the time of Marie Madeleine d’Houet, the values taught by Jesus Christ – the invitation to personal excellence, the demands of justice, the call to companionship, the desire to impact our world for good – have been at the heart of FCJ school lifeWe embrace this tradition that God has entrusted to us, educators and students alike, with deep pride and gratitude and intend to carry it forward for God’s greater honour and glory.’  Sr Marguerite Byron FCJ

Faith and Service

At Gumley House, our school motto “Vive Ut Vivas translates as “Live that you may have life”.   Guiding all we do, our belief that God is always with us, in each moment of each day shaping our approach to our school life.  We encourage and support our students to develop a life-long, personal faith, based on their own convictions and life experiences.  Our faith infuses the daily life of the school with daily prayer, regular masses, liturgies, annual retreats and pilgrimages.

"May God always be with you and direct all your deeds"
Marie Madeleine, FCJ Foundress