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Young people benefit the most from their education when parents and school staff work together to ensure that they attend school regularly and on time. Regular and consistent attendance at school is essential.  Absence and lateness inevitably cause distress to the child and inconvenience to the staff.

Those whose attendance is good do better academically, make the most of extra-curricular opportunities and have a greater chance of maintaining good relationships with friends.

Please work with us to ensure good attendance for the benefit of your child. 

What to do if your child cannot attend school

There are still times when your child cannot attend school, for example when they are ill.

If this happens, please report your child's absence by:

  • Report on EduLink One using the Absence Reporting tab.  Please make sure you give a detailed explanation of your child's illness as simply writing 'unwell' is insufficient for us to safeguard your child well enough.  Doctors notes can also be uploaded through the app.  OR
  • Email Student Services ( outlining why she or he is unable to attend and how long the absence is likely to last.  OR

If you have not been able to report your child's absence in thCall the school’s direct attendance line on 020 8568 8692 by 8.00am.  However, due to the demand on the office staff, we respectfully ask that you call the school only once the other means of informing us have been unsuccessful.

A signed written note needs to be brought in and given to Student Services on the day of her return. Any absence that is not explained with a note will be classed as unauthorised until a note is received. It is a legal requirement that any unexplained absence is kept on record and reported.

For continuous absence of five school days or more, you will need to provide medical evidence.  This can be in the form of a doctor’s certificate, a photocopy of the prescription or a GP appointment card.

Visits to doctors and dentists

These visits should be arranged out of school hours. 

However, if a medical appointment does need to take place during school hours, it must be confirmed with an appointment card which should be brought to Student Services. Student Services will authorise the card which your daughter will need to show at Main Reception when she signs out.  For morning or afternoon appointments we expect your daughter to be in school for the other half of the day.


Parents or carers do not have the right to take their children out of school during term-time.  By law you must request permission from the headteacher for your child to miss school for any reason. 

The form below must be completed for any form of absence (with the exception of medical and dental appointments) and it should be submitted for authorisation at least 10 days before the proposed absence. 

The following requests for absence will not be authorised:

  • Holiday requests during term-time will not be authorised, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • Absence requests for a child's birthday, 'family reasons', to 'beat the rush hour', 'parents' work commitments' will not be authorised;
  • Any absence at the start of the school term and particularly in September, where the start of the year is so formative, will not be authorised;
  • Permission will not be granted for any absence during formal assessment periods or in the run up to Statutory Assessments. 
  • Penalty Notices for holiday taken during term-time. 

After consultation with governors and the Education Welfare Service, we will automatically request that the LA issue a penalty notice for any holiday absence of 5 x days or more during term time.  The penalty notice is a fine of £60 per child, per parent if paid within 21 days, rising to £120 per child, per parent if paid within 28 days.  Failure to pay the Penalty Notice could result in the Local Authority starting legal proceedings.


Absence may be authorised for the following reasons:

  • Medical and dental appointments, although non-urgent appointments should be scheduled outside school hours where possible
  • Illness
  • Exams – Dance, Music etc…
  • Bereavement 

The above statements are not exhaustive and it is recognised that there will be times when compelling and exceptional reasons will mean absence from school.   

We aim for all children’s attendance to be 95% and above.  When it falls below 90% we have a legal duty to inform the Local Authority which then triggers an investigation by the Education Welfare Service.  When a child’s attendance falls below 90% there is a serious risk of underachievement.

The Headteacher will authorise up to a maximum of three days unless the circumstances are exceptional.  If you wish to apply for absence, please use the form below:

Leave of Absence Request Form