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Our Alumni

'Once a gumley girl - always a gumley girl'

This is a phrase echoed in the halls of the school over many, many years.  You'll even hear our our boys in The Sixth claiming 'Once a Gumley Guy...'.  Students are proud to be part of the Gumley and FCJ community and, similarly, we are very proud of the successful, diverse and inspiring pathways our students follow after leaving Gumley House, and we pride ourselves on providing the foundations for their education and success. 

We look forward to hearing from other past students of which you can hear from a few below.

If you would like to be part of our Gumley Alumni, please contact Mrs Godwin at DGodwin@gumleyhouse.com. There is the opportunity to offer support in many ways that include mentoring, career talks, mock interviews and offering work experience. We are always open to any other ideas you may have too. 

Jacqueline Gilbert, Class of 1961

Gumley House is a school with great heritage and a history of developing successful and culturally and socially aware girls. Jacqueline Gilbert was a student at Gumley, during the 1950s and 60s and credits the school with providing a strong foundation for her life and career by instilling an excellent education, the value of moral rectitude and a strong sense of duty.

After leaving Gumley with 5 O levels, 2 A levels and 1 S level, Jacqueline spent the majority of her career in the civil service while pursuing a love of literature and language that developed during her time at school. She continues to write short stories and her proudest achievement is her work with a renowned biographer and over 30 years working with charitable organisations working in animal welfare and rescue.

My philosophy on life was given to me by the much loved and respected Headmistress of the time Angela Carolan FCJ, and I have many fond memories of the many traditions that marked the school year.

If I was to give one piece of advice to Gumley Girls who are considering their future career it would be to do what you are inspired to do, not anybody else.

Abigail Donnelly, Class of 2011

Abigail is proud to call herself a Gumley girl. On leaving the school in 2011 with three Bs at A Level, she was inspired to pursue a career in teaching by her teachers at Gumley.

Gumley helped me develop all the important life skills needed to achieve well in what I loved. Gumley taught me to always follow my heart and believe I can be the best that I can be. I am so lucky to have been part of such a special community

Gumley’s focus on individual pastoral care alongside academic excellence is something that sets the school apart, and Abigail credits her time at school with developing confidence and the soft skills required to be successful in her career – she is now an Assistant Headteacher at Edward Pauling Primary School.

At Gumley I learned skills of perseverance and determination. Through difficult times I was always encouraged to strive towards excellence and never to let barriers get in the way of me achieving highly.

My advice to current Gumley girls would be to always follow your heart and your ambitions. Make sure you always talk about any worries or concerns you have; there are always people out there who will be able to help and support you.

Gursharonjit Sond (aka Shay Grewal), Class of 2003

Now a highly successful BBC Radio and TV presenter, Shay has gone from strength to strength since completing her GCSEs and A Levels at Gumley. Her awards and accolades include winning a Media Award at the Asian Women of Achievement Awards and being nominated in 2019 for a New York International Radio Award.

She credits the diversity and inclusive culture at Gumley with inspiring her to dream big.

I grew up in a council estate with a mother who worked three jobs a day to ensure that my brother and I could succeed in our education, and at Gumley I was afforded the same opportunities to those students who came from more affluent backgrounds. I never felt different to anyone else, I was always included and encouraged to achieve.

Shay endured challenges in her personal life just one month before her GCSEs, but was still able to achieve her potential despite tragic circumstances.

I will be forever grateful and indebted to my teachers and Sister Brenda who supported me to achieve my best despite a bereavement. Gumley House is a school I love and I am very proud to have been part of it.