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Thank you for taking an interest in Gumley House School FCJ .  Gumley is a Catholic school rooted in gospel values and we will ensure that the education that your daughter will receive will have Christ at the centre.  Although our students are representative of our Catholic community, we are proud to warmly welcome students of all faiths and none.

We encourage families to visit our thriving school where you can discover all that we have to offer on a student-led tour; spend time with our dedicated staff and meet our enthusiastic students – when you do, you will understand why they are proud to be part of Gumley.

Please use the links below for information on our admissions policy, and related documents. For further information on admissions, please contact

APPLYING TO GUMLEY HOUSE to begin September 2022

In order to apply for a place at Gumley House you would need to do the following (all information is found in the Admissions Policy)

1.  Complete your local authority Common Application Form (CAF). 
This is the local authority you pay council tax to (not the one your daughters primary school is in, if different).  This is available on your local authority's website.

2.  Complete and return your Supplementary Information Form (SIF).
This can be found under 'documents' below.  This form will need to be returned to Ms Clare, here at Gumley, together with (for Catholic applications) a copy of your Baptism Certificate (please do not send the original).  Applications from other denominations and faiths may submit a letter of support from their minister/faith leader.  These documents will need to be with us by Friday 29th October 2021

3.  Complete and return a copy of the Certificate of Catholic Practice (if applying for a faith place).
For Catholic applicants, this form is available under 'documents' below and/or from the parish your family usually worships.  It can also be downloaded from the Diocesan website.  this form will need to be returned to Ms Clare, here at Gumley, by Friday 29th October 2021.  

Please get your application forms in on time as late applications can only be considered after the initial offers have been made on 1st March 2022


Download our prospectus here. 


Admissions Policy for 2022-2023

Certificate of Catholic Practice

Supplementary Information Form (SIF) 2022-2023

Admissions Appeals Information

Documentation for Previous Years

Admissions Policy for 2021-2022

Summary Information Form (SIF) 2021-2022

Admissions Policy for 2020-2021

Summary Information Form (SIF) 2020-2021

Admissions Policy for 2019-2020

Summary Information Form (SIF) 2019-2020