Summer Exams 2022

Gumley House School


Exam Prerelease Information

Information about the Summer Exams 2022

The examinations that will be sat by students in Year 11 and 13 in the Summer of 2022 will be a transition year to reflect that we’re in a pandemic recovery period. There will be more generous grading of exams this year compared to a normal exam year to provide a safety net for students.

Each exam board has also released support information that students can read prior to sitting the exam.  To access all of the examination pre-release materials, please visit the link below:

Exam Pre-Release Material
Ofqual have also written a student guide to exams and assessments so that they are fully aware of the changes and support structures being put into place this summer.  To access the Ofqual Guide, please visit the link below:

Ofqual Student Guide

Year 11 Exam Booklet
Students in Year 11 will be in school and in all lessons up until the May half term.  To help students understand exactly where they need to be during the examination season, the booklet below has been prepared and supplied to each student.

Year 11 Summer Examination Booklet