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A Level Sociology

Studying Sociology at A Level

Introduction to the course by the Head of Sociology:

Hear from the Students:

Exam Board:  AQA
Expected Entry Criteria:  Grade 6 in GCSE Sociology and/or GCSE English

Why study this course?
Sociology opens doors to a wide variety of careers such as law, criminology and marketing. It teaches you to look at the world and its structures analytically and encourages critical thinking.

What will I learn?

The course focuses around four main areas: family, education, religion and crime and deviance.  Additional to this you will also learn how to conduct research and how to investigate social phenomena causing problems or concern in the world today.

How will I be taught?

Students are taught using a variety of techniques such as PowerPoint, books, debate and short videos. Essay writing is an essential requirement for success at A Level and students are taught how to structure an essay using colour techniques, exemplars and examiners feedback.

How many hours a week private study will I have?

Independent study should be approximately five hours a week. Students will be guided as to how to manage and break down that time effectively. Many skills will be consolidated in that time:  research, reading, interpreting, exam style questions to mention a few. 

You’ll enjoy this course if…

You have an inquisitive mind, like problem solving and questioning preconceived ideas. Sociology challenges you to think differently and find trends and patterns to justify your viewpoint.

Course Description

The Sociology course is popular at Gumley. Our groups are made up of a mixture of Gumley students and consortium, a variety of learners both boys and girls with different opinions and experiences. This course is spread across a two year period where students are taught concepts, sociological perspectives, sociological studies and research and the sociologists that conduct the work.


You will have three examinations at the end of the course:

Paper 1
Education with theory and methods
External written examination (33.3% of A Level)

Paper 2Topics in Sociology
External written examination (33.3% of A Level)

Paper 3
Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods.
External written examination (33.3% of A Level)

For more information, contact Miss S Campbell