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A Level Government & Politics


Intro by Specialist Teacher of Government and Politics:

Hear from the Students:

Exam Board:  Edexcel
Expected Entry Criteria:  Grade 5 in GCSE English Literature and Grade 6 in a Humanities subject

Why study this course?
Politics is an excellent choice if you have an interest in current affairs and want to understand and change the world around you. It is a highly regarded A Level which can lead to many degree courses including Politics, International Relations, History, Economics and Law. It will not necessarily lead to a career in Politics but would provide a good foundation for students who wish to pursue a career in journalism, the Civil Service or law. 

What will I learn?

During the first year you will have two main themes:
1. People, Politics and Participation introduces issues like how voting behaviour is changing in elections and whether pressure groups strengthen or weaken democracy.

2. Governing Modern Britain covers issues including parliament’s role in the UK political system and why we have a prime ministerial government in the UK. In the second year you build an understanding of politics in the USA and be able to offer a comparison with the politics of the UK.

How will I be taught?

This is a constantly evolving subject, so we make it active with teacher-led activities, group work, seminars, speakers and documentaries. You will visit parliament and participate in other trips, including attending a recording of Question Time.

How many hours a week private study will I have?

You are expected to complete 6 hours of private study per week. This is a combination of homework, and independent work including reading a quality daily newspaper and publications like The Economist or The Week.

You’ll enjoy this course if…

You have an interest in current affairs, how political decisions are reached and who has the power to influence them. It provides many opportunities for discussion and debate and complements the study of many other subjects such as History and Philosophy.

Course Description

Component 1:  UK Politics (33% of total A Level)
This component focuses on the UK political system and looks at a range of fascinating areas such as political parties, political participation and the media and voting behaviour. Alongside this, students will also develop an understanding of
key political beliefs such as liberalism, conservatism and socialism.

Component 2
: The Government of the UK (33% of total A Level)
Through this component students will gain an understanding of how the UK system of government works. They will focus on key areas such as the prime minister and parliament. Alongside this they will extend their knowledge of political beliefs
through the study of nationalism.

Component 3: Comparative Politics (33% of total A Level)
Through this unit students will build an understanding of how the American political system works. They will look at key issues such as the presidency and congress as well as being able to develop comparisons with the UK system.


All units are assessed by external examination at the end of the course.

For more information, contact Mrs B Thompson and Mr D Walters