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Media Studies (A Level)

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This page is currently being updated (24 / 02 / 2024)


 Introduction to the course by the Head of Media Studies:

Hear from the Students:

Exam Board:  Eduqas
Expected Entry Criteria:  Grade 5 or above in GCSE English Language or Literature

Why study this course?
We live in a media saturated society, our lives influenced by television, film, radio, advertising, newspapers and magazines and more recently e-media. Media Studies teaches you how to question the power of the media, how institutions
construct products to influence, and how you, the audience, are targeted and are now beginning to exercise power. The practical aspect of the course provides a basis for those interested in a more technical and ICT driven future.

What will I learn?

In the A Level course, you will learn about the ways in which the media is constructed and the relationship between genre, media institutions and audience. In addition to this you will learn media key concepts, study media issues and debates and
analyse and deconstruct texts. Media texts will be examined across three media platforms. The practical module of the course allows you to illustrate your knowledge of the codes and conventions of media products by creating your
own texts. This will involve using research skills, analysis of professional texts, learning editing techniques, working to deadlines and incorporating creative ideas.

How will I be taught?

Lessons will be a combination of teacher-directed sessions and group activities requiring directed and independent study. Classes are mixed ability. Individual tutorials are provided on a regular basis. 

How many hours a week private study will I have?

You are expected to complete five hours of private study per week. This is a combination of homework, and independent work or research.

You’ll enjoy this course if…
You are a student that has a keen interest in the media, an independent and enquiring mind, are self-disciplined, can work independently, are creative and have things you want to explore and say about the world.

Course Description

In Year 12 you will begin with Component 1. You will learn the new media terminology necessary for evaluating texts and concentrate on the key concepts of media language, industries, representation and audience studying a range of case studies across the media platforms. Towards the end of the year you will begin to plan and produce media products for a predetermined audience across two media platforms. This is Component 3. In Year 13 the focus is on Component 3: Media Forms and Products in Depth. You will study music videos, films, television, radio, newspapers and video games.


Component 1:  Media Products, Industries and Audiences
External written examination (2 hrs 15 minutes)

Component 2
: Media Forms and products in depth
External written examination (2 hrs 30 minutes)

Component 3
: Practical unit
Internally assessed and externally moderated

For more information, contact Ms L Gerrard