A Level Maths

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A Level Maths

Studying Maths at A Level

Introduction by Head of Mathematics Department:

Hear from the Students:

Exam Board:  Edexcel
Expected Entry Criteria:  Grade 7 or above in GCSE Mathematics 

Why study this course?
An A Level in Mathematics opens up career choices in actuary, accountancy, finance, industry, consultancy, operational or economic modelling, planning, analysis and post-graduate research. A study comparing income levels and educational
background concluded that having a Maths A Level can increase long-term earning power by 7–10% (Source: London School of Economics).

What will I learn?

In Year 12, the pure content starts with the algebraic expressions and equations first met in GCSE and goes on to cover graphs and their transformations. Sequences are taught using algebraic derivations and finally three new topics:  logarithms, differentiation and integration, are introduced. The applied paper content covers an introduction to mechanics (motion in a straight line and due to gravity) and the extension of some of the statistical techniques that were taught in GCSE. In Year 13, the applied content extends to resolving forces in Mechanics, and in Statistics, discrete random variables and the normal distribution. The pure content extends and enriches the skills of differentiation and integration and builds onthe trigonometry learned at GCSE.

How will I be taught?

You will have six fifty-minute lessons per week, two of which will cover the applied topics. In addition to using a textbook, you will use websites such as examsolutions, physicsandmathstutor and drfrostmaths. 

How many hours a week private study will I have?

You are expected to complete six hours of private study per week. This is a combination of homework, and independent work using the above resources.

You’ll enjoy this course if…

You love algebra (solving equations and sketching graphs) and statistics (averages and charts). You enjoy problem solving and are hard working. You can prepare yourself for the A Level in Maths by completing the Induction Booklet over the summer holiday.

Course Description

The A Level Maths course follows several strands; two thirds of the content is Algebra/Calculus based, and one third is a mixture of the applied subjects Mechanics and Statistics. The A Level exam consists of three two-hour papers; the first two cover the Pure Maths content. The third paper will test the Applied Maths content: both Statistics and Mechanics.


Paper 1:  Pure Mathematics 1
External written examination, 33.3% of A Level

Paper 2:  Pure Mathematics 2
External written examination, 33.3% of A Level

Paper 3:  Statistics and Mechanics
External written examination, 33.3% of A Level

For more information, contact Mrs N Poynter and Mrs C Johnson