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Gumley House School FCJ

Vive Ut Vivas

Live that you may have life

About Gumley House

Founded in 1841, our unique Catholic school, living by our motto 'Vive Ut Vivas', ensures our students achieve academic excellence combined with a vibrant extra curricular life.  

We prepare our students to take their place in the world as confident, enquring and caring adults.         

Latest News

  • Pupils make rapid and sustained progress as they move up through the school.

    - Section 48 Report

  • The school promotes students’ personal development exceptionally well.

    - Ofsted

  • This year the students have raised money for us as well as doing a sponsored sleep in the school hall to reflect on what it is to be homeless.

    - Cardinal Hume Centre

  • There are excellent relationships between teacher and pupils

    - Section 48 Report

  • Relationships and behaviour are outstanding and pupils take advantage of the many opportunities available to serve the school and the wider community.

    - Section 48 Report

  • What our students say

    Asmita, Year 8

    My experience was amazing...this is the best achievement I have made during my time at Gumley. I loved the competition and hope to enter it again. [Asmita on the National Mandarin Speaking Competition]

  • What our students say


    Gumley gave me lots of encouragement to find out more about engineering as a career and a degree subject. I got good advice on my A level choices (I took Physics, Maths and Chemistry) and was able to attend engineering courses in sixth form. [Helen is now Graduate Mechanical Engineer at Babcock International Group]

  • What our students say

    Julia, Year 9

    I really appreciate being given a chance to participate in this amazing event and I have high hopes for next year too! [Gumley's Poet Laureate speaking of the Poetry Festival]

  • What our students say

    Charlotte, Year 11

    The trip was an incredible experience and we all felt extremely lucky to visit such an interesting country. [Charlotte on the Geography GCSE Iceland trip].

  • What our students say

    Daisy, Year 7

    It is good to remember all the soldiers and it is really nice having everyone coming together as a school. [Daisy representing Gumley at the WW1 Remembrance Service]

  • What our students say

    Rachel & Emilia, Year 11

    We had a talk which told us what studying abroad is like and why studying at Cambridge is such a unique experience. [Gifted & Talented linguists attending Girton College, University of Cambridge]